Ziggler A Babyface, Daniel Bryan's Next Program, Axel A Heyman Guy, WWE Contracts

Are there plans to turn Dolph Ziggler babyface?

WWE did a rare double turn at WWE Payback where Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler both turned. The plan, at least in the short term, is for Dolph Ziggler to work as a babyface. While the storyline is Ziggler "isn't cleared to compete," he is 100% medically cleared and was prior to the match at WWE Payback. The stuff at the pay-per-view (and explanation on Raw) was kayfabe.

Shouldn't it have be Daniel Bryan challenging for the WWE Championship against John Cena instead of Mark Henry?

WWE planted the seed for a future WWE title program for Daniel Bryan but the plan going back to before the pay-per-view on Sunday was to program Bryan with Randy Orton. At one point they were scheduled to face one another at WWE Payback but it was pushed back to give the program more build. As I stated on Tuesday, I'm all for Bryan vs. Cena for the title.

Any word if Curtis Axel is a legitimate "Paul Heyman guy" behind the scenes? Does Paul Heyman actually see something in him as he did with CM Punk, and what are your thoughts on Curtis Axel?

Paul Heyman and CM Punk are good friends in real life. In fact, it was Punk that pitched Heyman to WWE officials to bring him back to the company. A lot of people think it was Brock Lesnar that brought Heyman back but that's not the case. As for Curtis Axel, he has a lot of support in the locker room as a future star. I don't know what Heyman thinks of him personally but given Heyman's real-life nose for talent, I'm sure he sees potential.

When someone is called up to Raw and Smackdown but is later sent back down, how does this effect their contract?

When a worker is called up from WWE developmental they aren't immediately signed to a new contract. They keep their developmental downside while getting paid main roster show bonuses. Contracts do not automatically change when a worker is called up.

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  • Kleck

    I believe this might be Henry’s curtain call. I hope he ends up winning and holding the title for a short time. Henry had earned that honor.

  • cjevarts

    Ziggler a face while aj and big e are heel? How’s that going to work?

    • Loren Goldstein

      Oh I don’t know, perhaps a split of the group?

    • Renneta Orton

      They broke up, i gues.Very interesting situayion.

  • Ricky

    Unless I’m mistaken the last time they did a double turn was WrestleMania 13. When Bret Hart went heel for the first time in like 10 years and Austin went face for the first time in his WWE career.

    While I liked Del Rio, as a face, he really didn’t changed aside from not coming out in expensive cars anymore. I think he’s more suited as a heel, I just wish the WWE had another type of heel instead of the Cowardly heel.

    As for Dolph the fans have wanted him to turn face for a year now, and they finally got their wish.

    I feel DB is one of the best and will gets his glory in time. Right now it’s about Mark Henry, still can’t believe he’s been with the WWE 17 years.

  • cobra

    I think they are probably waiting for Summer Slam to put Daniel Bryan in the WWE Title Program.

  • Xavier

    Enough with this Paul Heyman guy stuff. Punk, Lesnar & Axel are all in fact Vince McMahon guys in real life. McMahon signs their paychecks. McMahon decided to push them not Heyman. Punk was never in Heyman’s ECW, and yes Punk debuted professionally in 1999 meaning that Heyman could of signed in them b/c ECW was still around.

    • Ray

      I think you mis-understand what “Paul Heyman Guy” means. It simply means that they agree with Paul’s beliefs and opinions of wrestling. That, and they have Paul Heyman’s stamp of approval.

      • Xavier

        I get that aspect of it. I was addressing those out there who actually think Heyman was the one responsible for signing these guys to the WWE, and trust me there are plenty of people on here who believe that.

    • RJH

      Being a “Paul Heyman guy”, is now a storyline. Which gives you a strong mouthpiece and gives you a main event or upper mid card push.
      And yes, marks believe that Paul Heyman has brought the “Paul Heyman Guys” to the WWE. Still a storyline WWE wants us the people to believe.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    If Henry wins the WWE title, does that make him the first Afro-American to win that title? Keep in mind the Rock doesn’t count because he’s more Samoan than he is black.

    • Xavier

      I’ve always felt the same way being African American myself. I love the Rock but I always felt that the WWE acknowledged his Samoan roots a lot more because of all his family history in wrestling. And yes, Henry would be the 1st to hold the WWE title if he in fact goes over at some point during this feud.

      • Hercules Rockerfeller

        That’s what I figured because I can’t remember the last time an Afro-American held the wwe title. I know as far as the world title, Ron Simmons was the first and Booker T the second. Another thing, why would one get two downs just for asking a question? So stupid and childish.

        • Xavier

          LOL who knows man, I got a thumb down for saying I was African American and that the Rock is half Samoan. There are some interesting characters on this site lol.

  • Mr.V

    Of course he’s a Heyman guy. Anyone that works either with or against Heyman becomes one it’s just inevitable. There were interesting moments of candor I noticed at two different occasions recently – Miz and actually Michael Cole admitted on air their personal feelings about him for just a split moment that made me think he’s getting at everyone ..Making them be the best they can be. Bringing out that inner beast they all have. That beast that knows “I’m the fu(kin man”!!
    Guys got to be a coach or something. I don’t know what he tells people that motivate them to be so awesome but that’s GOT to be it I’m convinced.

  • John

    Why should it be Daniel Bryan, and not Mark Henry challenging Cena for the title? Henry has been on fire the past 2 years.. He is easily the best heel in WWE and he has more than earned his spot in the main event.

  • Dan

    Have you not seen the pic of rocks dad he is part Samoan yes but also Afro American

  • Mohan Ramnath

    del rio i think is very boring from the 1st time i saw him heel or face its the same thing when you see him in the ring and he;s only good for the cross arm breaker the entire match leads to mostly that. he needs a decent finisher mayb a german with a bridge or some thing