2013 WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony Coverage - With Live Photos

Bruno Sammartino (Inducted by Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Recap by inductee - Mick Foley | Trish Stratus | Booker T | Bob Backlund | Donald Trump | Bruno Sammartino

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  • coolkdd1

    It sucks that the hall of fame does not come on saturday night. It kept me hyped for mania. When it comes on tv after mania, it doesn’t feel so much special to me.

  • Justin Lal

    Fuck this NY crowd for booing Donald Trump! I’m so sick of these ungrateful NY crowds. Please WWE: don’t give another WM to NY for many, many years. They don’t deserve it. Donald has done so much for the city of NY. This is fucking ridiculous. I fucking hate smarks! Sorry for the bad language but my patience has run thin with these low quality smarks. I’m not even going to call them fans, that distinction is too good for them.

    *I realize WM is in New Jersey but you get my point.

  • hemanthjava