Mark Henry Announces That He Has Dropped Down To 404 Pounds & Posts Picture; New Dolph Ziggler Interview

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- Mark Henry has provided his latest injury update from his Twitter account. He is still not doing any heavy lifting after his shoulder surgery, but he has dropped to 404 pounds:

-Between The Ropes conducted an interview with Dolph Ziggler, in which he discussed Raw 1000, his favorite Raw memories, and more. He appears in the first 15 minutes of the video below:

  • whisperingsmile

    Wow! Good for mark Henry! Looking good for dropping the weight!

  • CaliburUK

    I’ve gotta say Mark looks a lot better for dropping the weight too, hopefully he’ll keep it off

  • Dave Barton

    Mark looks happy & healthy…I’m genuinely happy for him!

  • K.H.

    Mark looks good!

  • Alex P

    He looks good…you can see the weight loss in his face and his lower body. Good for him!

  • havoc525

    So weird when you get down to 400 and look “thin.” Congrats on the weight loss Mark, keep it up.

  • Kleck

    Congrats Mark! Hopefully he’ll have a better quality of life with the reduced waistsize

  • true wrestling fan

    If he’s down to 404 ,how much did he weigh before?

  • itbeginsagain

    Just pointing out that radio interview didn't have Dolph Ziggler on the show. It was a fake, Dolph's voice isn't that high.

    • That was dolph. His voice wasnt high…’re high.


      That's definitely Ziggler's voice, he's over the phone most likely.

  • Wwe4L76

    Nice mark! Good job!