A Super Over Daniel Bryan Cuts A Promo Following WWE Raw Supershow (Video Here)

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Daniel Bryan cut a promo after last night's WWE Raw Supershow went off the air where he said, "I think you people have finally convinced them to make me a new t-shirt."

You can view the promo sent to use by Wrestling News World reader Tomas embedded in the video below:

Richard Reacts: Yes! Yes! Yes! Bryan is more over than ever. Force them to push you Bryan!

  • Whilst this reaction should put Bryan's value through the roof; I hope it doesn't put Vince's nose out of place and cost him in the long run.

    I also feel for Sheamus who only went out and did what he was told and will now get heat because of it.

  • luke

    could be the worst decision ever if wrestlemania was meant to bury him and put sheamus more over because it clearly hasnt worked. YES YES YES

  • Robbie


  • ryder

    The Miami crowd loves The American Dragon

  • the criddler


  • William

    This guy is s freakin over its ridicules! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Im def buyn the tshrt!

  • JP_Killings

    Thats mad lol I never expected this sort of thing happening when he first started saying YES!

  • mehartze

    LOVE IT!!!! Good for him

  • SteveLP

    Let's hope this is not just a one week thing, when he entered the ring at Wrestlemania and the whole crowd went crazy screaming YES! Now it's spread to the whole show, this has potential to be the new WHAT?!

    Daniel Bryan has the talent, now let him be super angry and kick people's heads in. He was't a baby face in RoH but got cheered like one. I can't wait for him to start the 'I've got til 5!' and the crowd will go nuts!

  • Patrick_Peralta

    YES YES YES YES he is over no doubt about it.. Dispite what happen I'm still a fan of Daniel Bryan.

    your right SteveLP Bryan wasn't a Babyface in ROH but was cheered like one. I all so can't wait for him to do the I have til 5 routine again.

  • Joe

    YES!!! > WHAT??

  • craig

    Sheamus and Bryan double turn coming up?

  • aGirl

    Simply amazing!

  • Gmac

    Poor AJ, but WOW that reaction was AMAZING, take note Vince!

  • Terra Ryzing

    If Vince was trying to bury Bryan then it's backfired on him royally. He is more over than ever and its put a ton of heat on Sheamus who until now had a pretty good face run. Maybe Vince will learn a lesson from all this. I can't wait for smackdown….YES! YES! YES!!!

  • G Ilyas

    After 2 consecutive shows (one being freaking WM) of non stop YES chants, I'm pretty confident the fans will blow the roofs out of the arenas for the next 2 months… at least I hope so.

    WWE tend to push their wrestlers based on reaction?? I can't see anyone who's more over than Daniel Bryan right now. Do it WWE, YES YES YES YES!!!!

  • Joe

    I’m going to the Smackdown taping tonight and I hope this Bryan revolution continues.
    D-Bry Army- YES, YES, YES!!!

  • TEX

    When does Daniel Bryan get his rematch ?

  • Ricky Valdez

    At this point I would not mind if Daniel Bryan heads to tna, I don’t think he will get disrespected the way wwe just disrespected his in ring ability and hard work.

  • JakShowtime

    It's like the freaking Roman Colosseum…Love it.

    YES! YES! YES!

    NO! NO! NO!

    YES! YES! YES!

  • leemc

    im expecting a high rating for smackdown this week based completely on daniel bryan

  • Immy

    He is the most over ‘anti-hero’ In a long time. He deserves a Programme with Punk in my opinion for the real world title.

    • JamieSNZ

      It won't be a real world title until it stops looking the way it does.

  • Andrew

    No no no

  • jeb

    Vince tried burying him, but WrestleMania 13 basically happened again. Now D-Bry is cheered and Sheamus is booed

  • H.M.

    As stoked as I was and still am about the 'YES! we can' revolution I wonder if Daniel Bryan will get the same reactions he did last night throughout the country in many arenas. You could, for now, make the excuse that this was a predominantly male-smark crowd, judging by the chants we heard aside from the 'yes' chants. I'll reserve my judgment of Daniel Bryans popularity until we see what his reactions are like in other arenas in coming weeks as time progresses.

  • Matt

    That crowd was like an old school ECW crowd, it was amazing. Looks like Vince knows who can make him money now.

  • Daniel

    Here’s a closer video of it as well, Richard.


  • Kevin

    I like DB. I hated it when they turned him heel. I hope this means the "powers that be" are going to turn him back to a face and leave him there.