Age of the Balor Club

Finn Balor, formerly known as “Prince Devitt” in New Japan, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are starting off the ‘Balor Club era’ with a bang. Honestly, they have a lot of potential to really take over the WWE.  I can just see them winning title after title after title no matter what show they’re on.  Every time the music hits, people lose their minds!  Normally when you they walk through those curtains and receive a huge pop from the crowd, that’s normally followed up with a pretty exciting match, win or lose, from the Balor Club.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Finn win the 2018 Royal Rumble and go on to Wrestlemania to fight for either the Universal or WWE Championship.  I actually wouldn’t mind seeing him face AJ Styles.  They have so much chemistry in the ring against one another and they really match very evenly.  They’re just really exciting to watch!  I think we got a pretty good glimpse of that excitement at the TLC pay-per-view in 2017.  Personally, Finn deserves one of the major titles.  It’s just so unbelievable that Vince McMahon really thought that Finn Balor wasn’t “over” enough.  If he wasn’t over then, he’s definitely over now.  As soon as the beat drops in his entrance theme song and he walks through the smoke with a gigantic smile and tugs on his jacket, Finn gets the biggest pop of the evening and the whole arena is in some sort of frenzy where each individual looking on throws their hands up along with Finn as he makes his way to the ring.  I can only imagine how the WWE Universe will be when he wins the Universal or WWE Championship.  They’re going to go absolutely ballistic!

I really can’t wait to see Gallows and Anderson get back into the tag team title picture because they’re really one of the most exciting tag teams in the world today! Not to mention, they’re pretty old school.  They truly value their roles in the tag team division and want to be successful in it as well.  Honestly, they deserve to win the titles.  They know what it’s like to be a true heel and hard-hitting tag team.  I’ve enjoyed watching them as a team even back in New Japan Pro Wrestling.  And I knew that Gallows had championship potential from the jump because WWE creatives have been throwing many different types of roles at him from “Imposter Kane” to “Festus” to “Straight-Edge Society Luke Gallows” and now, he’s “the Good Brother Luke Gallows.”  The man has killed each and every one of these roles in the most positive way possible.  He definitely deserves it all!  Anderson came in right with Gallows and I love his funny-but-badass mentality.  They both have awesome promo skills, too.  Their promo skills almost match their tag team skills.  They work together to get the job done and done well.

One day, I hope to see more and more former Bullet Club members make their way to the WWE and get into the Balor Club. With the 2018 Royal Rumble just days away and contracts coming to an end in the next year or two, you never know who you might get coming from NJPW or RoH.  Kenny Omega might just let his contract expire in January 2019 and head on over to WWE.  Maybe, Cody Rhodes will come right back over to the WWE and join the Balor Club.  Then, there’s a possibility that the Young Bucks can come as well, after all of the “cease and desist” stuff blows over.  Who knows? Whatever the case, I’m sure that whatever happens, nothing will ever be, dare I say, “too sweet” when it comes to the two clubs.