AJ Styles Confronts Shane McMahon In Gorilla Position

After the ending of Smackdown Live, we were presentedd with exclusive footage on Talking Smack of Styles confronting Shane McMahon in the gorilla position.

What is interesting to note is that we got to see Michael Hayes, Michael Cole, Brian James and several other officials who usually work in that position during the show.

This is probably leading to AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania as has been the rumour for quite a while now.


  • Simon Veitch

    Arguably he should be going after Bryan… I mean Shane started the show being all for AJ going to Mania since he went through hell to earn his spot after Orton forfeited his spot.

    • He can’t go after Bryan because Bryan isn’t cleared to be in the ring. Thus far, the “feud” makes zero sense as he rooted for AJ to have the WM match against Wyatt but I’ll see where it goes.

      • I_hate_this_episode

        I agree..which is why it was odd to have Shane is Styles corner… But it also does make sense.. If shane was really rooting for Aj..why have the match in the first place.. And since he cant go after Bryan..who else is there to be mad at…Shane

  • Dave Barton

    The real story here is that The Rosebuds are clearly reforming, with Michael Hayes playing the part of a giant eggplant…

  • Jbreed Slay

    The worst possible match for AJ Styles. Plus Shane Mcmahon wrestling at WM is a joke. I know we’re in this bs part-timer era in the WWE but Shane McMahon is a part-timer who doesn’t draw.