AJ Styles Is Returning To Ring Of Honor - Did Negotiations With TNA Fall Apart?

Ring of Honor announced on their website that AJ Styles has signed to compete in the ROH ring on January 4, 2014. Below is the official press release (or check it out on their website):

"The Phenomenal One" is back! A true Ring of Honor pioneer and one of the greatest wrestlers in the sport today, AJ STYLES, has been signed to compete once again in an ROH ring on January 4th, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee!

AJ Styles helped put ROH on the map in its early years by displaying his own unique blend of high-flying wrestling and hard hitting strikes. Styles has gone on to be recognized as one of the best wrestlers of our time and recently became the most sought-after free agent in pro wrestling.

After finalizing the deal within the last couple hours we can now officially confirm that the long awaited return of AJ Styles to ROH will kick off 2014 in only 1 week at the Nashville Fairgrounds!

AJ Styles will face "Mr. ROH" Roderick Strong in Nashville in a huge match that will air on ROH TV the weekend of February 1st! It has been 8 years since Styles competed in ROH while Strong has been one of the most consistent competitors in ROH for the last 10 years. We are excited to welcome AJ back but not too sure that Strong will feel the same way.

"I'm excited to return to ROH and the Nashville Fairgrounds. Lots of history made that I was made that I was part of in both. Expect more on January 4. Hope Nashville fans fill that asylum," said AJ

In addition to the return of AJ Styles, January 4th marks the return to ROH action of Chris Hero who battles "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen! Plus Wrestling Legend "Rowdy" Roddy Piper will be on hand for a very RARE Meet & Greet Autograph Signing!

ROH is starting 2014 off with bang and we are not slowing down! Don't ever pass up the opportunity to experience ROH live! See why we are the best pro wrestling on the planet with the greatest fans in the world.

Tickets to the biggest television taping in ROH history are available HERE!

Check out the hype video below or at this link.

Richard Gray posted an update on the status of AJ Styles with TNA Wrestling a little more than a week ago. As far as we know, there has been no agreement reached between Styles and TNA Wrestling as of press time; however, there continues to be speculation that this whole scenario is a work.

  • ken

    If this isn’t a work, TNA is done for

    • Nostaljack


      • iamjohnnymcb

        losing styles to tna is like wwe losing cena, aj is the heart and soul of tna and no one can replace him

        and haters please, jeff hardy was brought in that was supposed to bring all the fans from wwe to tna and it didn’t do anything on their ratings

        • Nostaljack

          I totally see what you mean but the truth is *no one* is doing anything for TNA’s ratings. He’s a small fish in a puddle. Still, he is absolutely TNA’s heart. That’s what makes him compelling. He goes out to that ring and leave it all out there. Gotta respect that. TNA would certainly be a very different enterprise without him.

          While Jeff seems to be getting himself together, he was quite the screw-up for a while and he made it quite transparent why he had to leave WWE. Had he dared go out to the ring on a PPV unable to perform, Vince would have fired him quite publicly and made sure he never worked anywhere again.

  • Stoney

    You know TNA is in trouble when one of their biggest home grown talent leave the company.

    Why can’t TNA get rid of worthless talents like Rob Terry, Garrett Bischoff (WWE won’t offer him a development contract), Wes Brisco, and Jessie Godderz ?

    • Nostaljack

      I’m totally with you on getting rid of the talents you mentioned (save Godderz as I haven’t been paying enough attention to the product lately to have seen him do much work).

  • Connor

    Seems like a complete work to me, surely the P1 logo is property of TNA, thus the Sinclair group wouldn’t allow ROH to use someone else’s intellectual property to advertise themselves at the risk of legal action, no matter how petty it may seem.

    • Maddox

      I doubt ROH would wanna deceive their fans like that. Come next Saturday, we shall find out

  • Josh Middleton
  • BigMike

    WHy in the HELL did WWE let go of Chris Hero/Kassius? him and Claudio/ Cesaro were a GREAT tag team in ROH as KOW/Kings Of Wrestling…………. WTF? I do agree when they got rid of that joke Bateman/EC3… he almost makes Jesse and RObbie.. the brokeback seems legit lol and they suck out loud