Alex Shelley, Have We Seen The Last Of CM Punk?, Shield/Undertaker, TNA Stars On Dot Com

What is the status on Alex Shelley is he going to sign with TNA or WWE?

Alex Shelley is currently working overseas with New Japan Pro Wrestling. There was mutual interest between Shelley and WWE at one point but this was when TNA's litigation against WWE was ongoing. Shelley went to New Japan, where he is still working. The feeling has been Shelley didn't want to go to WWE without Chris Sabin. With Sabin back working in TNA, Shelley may opt for Sabin to work the remainder of dates in TNA Wrestling, or who knows, maybe he'll join him. Right now it's all speculation as Shelley is working for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Have we seen the last of CM Punk in a WWE ring?

No, not at all. CM Punk is currently away from WWE on granted time off to give his beaten down body a much-deserved break. Punk's knees were really bothering him after his match against Undertaker at Wrestlemania and while he's considered lucky he didn't require surgery; he needed time off before a more serious injury occurred.

It's incredible to me to see so many modern day legends being essentially fed to The Shield. I understand the point of this is to bolster them and make them an even more impressive force than what they already are, but does it surprise you that they continue to thrive against undisputed legends like the Undertaker?

While Undertaker was part of the losing team on last week's WWE Raw against The Shield, he forced Dean Ambrose to tap in a singles match on last week's Smackdown. He was not fed to them nor was he booked to look weak in the post-match attack. The idea was to write Undertaker off television as he agreed to stay on for the overseas tour to help out WWE. I need everyone to hear something. It's absolutely essential that WWE get some of their up and coming talent over while they have access to legendary names. It's essential. Undertaker is one of the greatest of all time but he's not going to be around forever. The Shield is comprised of three workers that have bright futures in this business. They need the rub so they are able to help the business going forward.

If Jeff Hardy is under TNA contract then why is he featured so heavily on WWE's website?

WWE features top TNA names on their website because it increases Web traffic. Yes, these workers are under contract with another organization but WWE owns a large chunk of their careers. However, it all comes down to what generates page views and clicks and featuring top TNA talent is a way of doing that.

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  • To have worked a 6-man on Raw, Ambrose on SD, and take a beatdown, its very clear…even Mark Calaway believes in the Shield’s future. That’s saying something.

    • Yeah, he put them over in front of everyone. He wants to put them in a good place going forward. These guys are the real deal and I’m glad to see them booked with confidence. Some were down on Ambrose going under to Taker on Smackdown but I wasn’t. A loss to Undertaker doesn’t hurt and Ambrose left with the upper hand.

      • Loren Goldstein

        Is there a reason why it seems that Ambrose is getting the push? First Taker, now Kane? Why not one of the other guys take on a singles match?

    • Alex P

      Especially when the man hasn’t worked an actual match on either show in years now! I was pleasantly shocked to see this.

  • Monty

    Well rumors are everywhere the the relationship between punk an wwe is at all time worst. He wasn’t happy to not main event WM when he was the champ for over 400 days. I hope he takes care of himself first and rest for 3-6 months than come back with a bang.

    Wwe really needs to build up punk and orton back up to where cena is. Cena is gonna be hurt soon, he is so banged up and he doesn’t take time off so sooner or later it’s gonna catch up to him(I hope not buy when you don’t rest to heal than you are basically asking for trouble)

    Also I want Daniel Bryan main event push, he is one character who is so over and his regin as World champ was a lot of fun

    I wish he was involved more in singles competition, IMO he is the best in ring worker at present time

  • opie

    Nobody’s going to look back on Taker’s career like, “Yeah, the streak was great, but I just can’t believe he lost to The Shield in that six-man match on Raw.”