Amazon Potentially Spoils Big Moment At Fastlane

It has been reported that Amazon's UK website has already listed the combo DVD/Blu-Ray for WWE Elimination Chamber and Fastlane and the picture that they've used may actually be a giant spoiler. You can see that picture above.

While we noted yesterday that the Undertaker is rumoured to be making his return on RAW and possibly as early as Fastlane, does Amazon UK already have that information? On the cover of Fastlane is a picture of Brock Lesnar, Undertaker and Goldberg.

Could this indicate an appearance for Brock getting involved in Goldberg's Universal Title match and could the Undertaker show up in some form to cost Roman Reigns his match?


  • Scott

    Looks like the same graphics used for The Royal Rumble. Could just be a placeholder tbf.

  • Gary Robert

    Three part-timers as your poster for a PPV. Solid.

    • Dave Barton

      With Cena as the 4th man on the poster, it could be argued that he’s part-time too.

      • Brendan Wahl

        Cena is on the Elimination Chamber poster.

      • Gary Robert

        yeah good point.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      4 big names that bring in big money, or four names that don’t bring in as much to advertise, which would you go for as a business?

  • Jason

    I’m sure Brock Lesnar is smart enough to not cost Goldberg the match. To add the Heavyweight Championship of the Universe to the match of Goldberg vs Lesnar, it will give Lesnar a opportunity at that Gold.