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Roman Reigns vs. Triple H, Royal Rumble Used To Boost Up-And-Comer, Charlotte As Champion, Is Roman Reigns Finally On Track

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Photo credit - WWE

Photo credit - WWE

It seemed as if at TLC Roman Reign vs Triple H at Wrestlemania was being put into play. If this is indeed the way WWE is going do you see Reigns losing the title at Royal Rumble or maybe Triple H inserting himself into the Rumble match itself and winning.

If I had to guess how things would play out I would go one of two ways. One, Sheamus and Roman have a rematch but Triple H has a hand in it somehow, or has a hand in who wins the Royal Rumble so that he can be in that man’s corner at WrestleMania. Two, Triple H faces Roman Reigns at the Rumble himself instead of drawing things out to WrestleMania. My vote would be for the second option because it frees up all available Superstars for the Rumble itself, but putting Triple H in the Championship match still ensures a strong draw for the match. I am interested to see how things play out because I strongly believe WWE will keep the title on Reigns through WrestleMania at the very least. Building Roman up and giving him the 5 minute title reign would all go to waste if he were to drop the title in just a month or two.

Given the way in which the WWE portrays the Royal Rumble as being "luck of the draw", why do you think they've never used it to catapult an upper card star into the main event picture? Ignoring injuries for a moment, imagine how much of a buzz there would be if someone like Cesaro or Owens were to win the 2016 match? I know it's a title shot in the WrestleMania main event but what's the point if only established stars ever win this supposed free-for-all?

It’s never really one or the other, established stars or “up and coming” stars. It really just depends on what WWE wants to do that year. I’m much more in favor of catapulting an upper card superstar into the main event, like it seems you are, but I do understand that WrestleMania is the biggest show of the year and they always want to put on their “A” game. Sometimes that means that guys who are already established have to go over at the Royal Rumble. I do think, though, that with the Royal Rumble being a “luck of the draw” as you described it, there should be more chaos to who wins. It seems like when it gets down to the final 6 guys, it’s usually pretty easy to predict the final 2. I would love to see something fresh and original for this year’s Royal Rumble since there isn’t really a “favorite” to win this year. I think the years that frustrate me the most are when it’s 2-3 weeks before the Rumble and everyone already knows who is going to win. Years like this year are the best because no one is really a front runner, adding to the chaotic nature of the Rumble. When they tell you “anyone can win” you don’t roll your eyes and immediately think of who is going to win.

In my opinion Paige should have won the divas title at TLC. Charlotte seems to be a weak champion and the belt is carrying her rather than the other way round, her mic skills need a lot of work also. Any thoughts?

Obviously everyone is welcome to their own opinion, yours being that Charlotte seems like a weak champion, but I would have to disagree with you. While I do agree with you that her mic skills need work, I think her in-ring ability is second to almost none. It’s funny because Charlotte is almost like a female Bret Hart to me, at least in the earlier parts of his career. She is obviously uncomfortable being in front of a camera for promos and whatnot, but once she’s in that ring she’s practically untouchable. She sells extremely well, she is a natural athlete, and she has the in ring expressions that set her over the edge. Part of her issue now is that WWE has no idea how to book her so they’re screwing up her character. They worked so hard in NXT to get her over as her own person and not make her just “Ric Flair’s daughter” and now they’re panicking and doing just that, making her a mini-Ric. They need to let Charlotte be her own person.

What do you think about the finish of TLC? Do you think it was enough for fans to start looking at Roman Reigns as a badass from now on, or do you think WWE needs to be careful with his booking and continue to push him in that direction?

I loved the finish to TLC! They finally are starting to get what made Roman Reigns the “it” guy to begin with. The fans adored Roman Reigns in The Shield because he was such a friggin’ badass! The problem is that when he starting getting over for being a badass they tried to turn him into a smooth-talking, charming but also a little intimidating babyface. WWE needs (or needed) to wrap their brain around the idea of a babyface who is also a badass. Problem is that they’ve been booking the “John Cena style” of babyface for so long that I think they lost touch with how to book a “Stone Cold” style badass. Roman Reigns is charming and good looking but that’s not why fans love him, they love him because he seems like a guy who can beat the tar out of anyone he comes across. That’s why he was believable going against Brock Lesnar, because when Reigns is pissed, he looks like an absolute beast. I said it for a while now, Roman Reign circa The Shield is the Roman Reigns that fans want to see, and who the fans will cheer for. Hopefully this version of Reigns sticks around because I adore watching Reigns when he is in beast mode.

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