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No-Shows At The Slammys, Sting vs. Undertaker, Who Gets Undertaker At WrestleMania, Royal Rumble Main Event Mistake


I attended the Slammy this year in Minneapolis, and can testify that the crowd was very unhappy about many of the winners not being present. Do you feel WWE dropped the ball by not getting more of the 'major players' there, particularly Brock Lesnar who lives just up the road?

Absolutely. It makes the Slammys seem completely pointless when most of the awards are being won by people who aren’t there to accept. It’s one thing not to have The Rock or Ronda Rousey show up, but Brock Lesnar could have absolutely appeared to accept his award. What does it say that the company who makes the awards, and also signs Brock Lesnar’s paychecks, didn’t want to “waste an appearance” on the Slammys. WWE controls so much of the Slammy Awards, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t try to prevent as many no-show awards as possible. It goes to show how much the company means to some over others. Seth Rollins who is recovering from a terrible knee injury manages to show up, but others can’t. I can tell you from experience that post knee surgery is some of the worst pain you can experience, so I have a lot of respect for him to come out and accept.

With Sting saying he needs surgery and the Undertaker on his farewell tour are we gonna miss the chance to see Undertaker vs Sting at Wrestlemania?

Remember we don't have confirmation that this is the Undertaker’s last year, it just feels that way to a lot people, myself included. That said, it looks like we might have missed the boat for the match everyone wanted to see. Just like Goldberg vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, we might have missed a golden opportunity for a dream match. We might get to see more of Sting, and we might get to see more of the Undertaker, but it's likely will never get to see the two face off. It's reasons like this that it frustrates me when we see matches like Triple H vs. Sting. Triple H went over as a final screw you to WCW. That was Sting’s big debut with WWE, instead of giving us the match everyone wanted to see, we got a petty trip down memory lane. Now, we have missed the chance, most likely, so that Vince can say he stuck it to Ted Turner one last time.

Who will the The Undertaker wrestle at Wrestlemania 32?

This is the question of the hour! It was rumored that John Cena it was going to be facing off against the Undertaker, before that the hopes were that Sting would wrestle the Undertaker as mentioned above. So now the question is who's next in line? I know that one name that was thrown around earlier in the year was Braun Strowman. WWE left that door open, too, with the Wyatt Family facing off against the Brotherhood of Destruction. WWE left Braun out of that match and I’d bet it was to leave the possibility for later. I would personally be disappointed with Strowman and I feel it’s far too early in his career to get such an honor, especially with others that would benefit more. I would love to see Kevin Owens get to be the guy who faces off against the Deadman, I would even be ok with him beating Taker. If Daniel Bryan can be healthy in time for WrestleMania, I think he could deliver an epic match with Undertaker.

How do you feel about Roman Reigns defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the Royal Rumble match?

In short, I’m not a fan of the decision. I’m going to be putting out a more full length article about why I think it’s a bad booking move, but I’ll give a shorter version here. I see it as a lose lose situation. Either Roman Reigns wins the Royal Rumble match and retains the championship and the fans turn on him again for being booked as the new “Superman” of the WWE, or Roman loses and/or gets screwed by Triple H/The McMahons and now he’s only been WWE Champion for a few weeks and his big moment gets swept away for another Triple H WrestleMania match. Your options are basically leading to losing the momentum Reigns has managed to gained either way. WWE has to really be on their “A” game with Reigns to help get him to the next level and more importantly, stay there. I don’t know if this is their best move, but WWE has done well enough with Reigns lately that I have faith they’ll pull it out.

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