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Obvious Royal Rumble Winner, Sting In HOF, Better Matches For The Streak, Reigns Over Ambrose

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WWE Royal Rumble

Don't you feel is kind of obvious that Triple H will win the Royal Rumble and the WWE WHC setting up a match with Reigns at Wrestlemania? If not who would you like to win the Rumble and main event Wrestlemania?

When WWE made the Royal Rumble match for the Championship instead of for a number 1 contender spot at Wrestlemania they certainly limited their options. I hate when things like this happen, especially to the Royal Rumble. One of the things I love most about the Royal Rumble is that it is usually a fresh start for a new rivalry. There is an unpredictability to it that I love. Most fans can agree that WWE is fairly predictable and the more you watch the harder it is to get surprised. That's why the Royal Rumble is my favorite event of the year. Now it seems like WWE can go one of three ways. They can have Reigns retain, they can have Triple H or Lesnar win and set up a rematch at Mania, or they can take the title off Reigns but have someone unexpected win moving Roman away from the title picture. Those are the most likely scenarios in my opinion. I would like to see Reigns retain, but it kills the Rumble for me. If not Roman I would love to see a surprise return from Daniel Bryan and have him finally get his Royal Rumble win and as bonus he also becomes WWE Champion.

Straight to the point. Your thoughts on Sting going into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Short and sweet, I love it! Sting is finally where he belongs. I have heard some people say that Sting doesn't belong in the WWE HOF because he has only wrestled 2 matches in WWE and lost. Those people have to remember that not only does WWE own WCW so Sting’s time there counts, but regardless legends belong in the Hall of Fame. Sting is in the TNA HOF but come on WWE is the only game in town that counts and if you disagree you're in denial.

WWE could have done some great matches for streak like Taker vs Kurt Angle/ Goldberg/ The Rock/ Chris Benoit/ John Cena or Steve Austin (while they were in contract) instead of 3 time Triple H, 2nd time Kane or matches like Mark Henry/Big Show and A-Train. Why?

You have to realize you are thinking about the streak from a 2016 point of view. It is easy to look back at the streak when it's been almost 25 years and say he should have faced more “greats” but there was a time when they didn't acknowledge or barely acknowledged that the Undertaker was undefeated at Wrestlemania. It was a set plan at the start, or even middle, of his career to have him win at Mania for over 20 years in a row. I do agree with you that facing Triple H 3 times was over kill. I get facing HBK twice because the first match was considered possibly the greatest match of all time and Shawn wanted to retired, what a better way for Mr. Wrestlemania to go out. Facing Kane twice was totally fine also, in my book, because it was spread out and Kane and Undertaker have such intertwined careers. I would have liked to have seen John Cena and a few other big names take on the streak but you just have to appreciate it for what it was, because it is very likely we will never see anything like it again.

I think WWE is hell bent on forcing people to like Roman Reigns rather than utilize someone like Dean Ambrose, who is loved by the fans and gives 200% every time, whether inside the ring or on mic. As a loyal WWE fan, this is reducing my interest in them as a brand. What are your thoughts?

I understand the frustration of loving a superstar and wanting more for them. In the last 2-3 years alone I can name half a dozen superstars who I feel deserved better than they were getting. I will just say the only thing I can think to justify it. There is only so much room at the top. Especially with WWE only having one World Championship again the room at the top of the mountain is limited. Perspective is important, too. While you might feel Roman is being forced on you, others are loving Roman Reign’s rise to the top. The best advice I can give is to just enjoy when the wrestler you love is there. I love Ambrose too and I have been really enjoying his work with Kevin Owens. While I would love Ambrose to be battling for the WWE Championship, I am just grateful he gets a decent amount of screen time.

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