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Ask WNW: Lack Of HOF Inductees, Wade Barrett's Status, Goldberg Returning, Wrestlers Spitting Gum

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Sting WWE

Is it just me, or does it seem like this year's WWE HOF will be the first time, it will be inducting only one superstar, Sting?

WWE has started doing their "Face of the Hall of Fame" early every year. This year Sting will be the face of the 2016 Hall of Fame induction ceremony, so they announced him early. It's a way for WWE to start building up the Hall of Fame ceremony earlier, so they sell more tickets to the event and get them more hype. Usually, the other Hall of Fame inductees will be announced between Fast Lane and WrestleMania. Every week WWE will announce a new inductee until the whole 2016 class has been announced. I haven't heard much in the way of other inductees for this year, but I would expect to see a new inductee announced either this Sunday at Fast Lane or the following night on Raw. The Hall of Fame will occur the night before WrestleMania and will be on the WWE Network.

I noticed Wade Barrett has not wrestled and barely gets physical lately. He was part of a 6 man tag with Rusev and Del Rio and never tagged in and did nothing. Have you noticed this as well is he injured or is something else going on?

This is something that I think has lead to frustration from Wade Barrett. Reports are saying that when Barrett's contract comes up in June, he'll be leaving the company. Barrett himself hasn't directly confirmed or denied these rumors, his only remarks can be seen here. Wade has had a history of injuries in the past, so it may be that he is a bit beat up, or it could be WWE booking him on the sidelines hoping to get him to agree to resign. With reports coming out that Barrett will likely NOT be resigning I would expect to see Barrett start wrestling again and racking up some serious losses. Usually, whether they want to or not, wrestlers who make it clear they are on the way out are used to put over other superstars.

Do you think it is possible to see Goldberg in a WWE ring again? If so, who would be the best opponent for him right now? 

The rule with WWE is, "Never say never." Goldberg has been approached in the past and has declined offers to return, both full-time and part-time. Money has always been the deciding factor in a return from the former World Heavyweight Champion. There have been reports as recently as December of Goldberg in talks with WWE for a match at WrestleMania, but with Fast Lane being around the corner and WrestleMania plans already in motion I would doubt a return for this year is in the works. At the age of 49, the chances of WWE bringing Goldberg back are getting further and further away. Like I said earlier, never say never in WWE, but the odds are getting greater every day that we'll likely never see Goldberg in a WWE ring again.

Do some wrestlers chew gum during a fight just to spit it out to make it look like a fake tooth when they get punched/kicked in the face? Dolph Ziggler does this almost every match and Johnny Gargano did it during this week's episode of NXT. Baron Corbin punched him in the face and you see something white shoot out and it was even lying in the ring the whole match.

You hit the nail on the head! It's an old school wrestling technique that a handful of guys still do. Some guys do it more often than others, but the idea is always the same. Back before HD cameras, and even before shows were recorded, guys would chew gum during their match so when they were hit hard they could spit their gum out, making it look like they had a tooth knocked out. The fans in the audience wouldn't be able to tell the difference between gum and a tooth from a distance, so it added a little something to the match. Guys still do it for the effect, just not as often as they used to. Nowadays, I think wrestlers do it more to so they can say, "He kicked me so hard it knocked the gum out of my mouth!" The idea remains the same, though.

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