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1/3 Videos In TNA, Holiday Taping Schedule, WWE Edgier In 2013, Cena As The Top Guy

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Who is behind the new 1.3.13 videos airing on Impact Wrestling?

The talk coming out of this week's TVs was that the 1.3.13 videos were for the return of Sting. Stuff like this is always subject to change and TNA may change the plan with this leaking online, however, I can tell you this was the word as of this week.

I see WWE is advertising the 12/19 show in Rochester, NY as a television event, however, this is the night they are airing Tribute to the Troops on the USA Network. What's the latest?

WWE will tape the 12/28 episode of Smackdown next Wednesday night in Rochester. They will then tape the New Year's Eve Raw on Saturday, December 29 in Washington, DC. They will tape that week's Smackdown on Sunday, December 30th in Richmond, Virginia. The taping schedule is mixed up due to the holidays. We'll have all the taping results here at

Vince McMahon made a joke on Raw after walking in on Vickie Guerrero in a compromising position. Does this mean he is starting to change from the PG format?

It's interesting you mention this as there seems to be an internal feeling to make the product edgier once again. It's not a departure from the PG initiative as Vince McMahon is still committed to family-friendly programming; but there is some panic over the recent abysmal ratings and ideas are being pitched to try and reverse the trend. As for McMahon's joke on Raw, I wouldn't read too much into it.

John Cena is 35-years-old. Realistically, how much longer does he have as WWE's top guy?

This is something you're going to hear a lot more about over the next several months as John Cena will be 36 years old next year and his 10 years in the ring haven begun to take their toll on his body. WWE realizes Cena can't carry them forever and they are trying to produce new top stars. We've been all over names possibly in line for mega pushes with a new update here on Premium.

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