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2012 WWE Draft, Mark Henry's Position In WWE, The Miz At Wrestlemania XXVIII, Raw's Change To A Supershow

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When will the 2012 WWE Draft be held?

The last I heard there were plans to hold the 2012 WWE Draft "some time this spring." I haven't heard a firm date but I would expect it to follow the formats of years past with the actual Draft taking place live on WWE Raw Supershow followed by a Supplemental Draft over on dot com.

If Mark Henry is supposed to be going through a gimmick transition to a babyface, why is he on Team Laurinaitis for Wrestlemania XXVIII?

A babyface push was pitched for Mark Henry at the beginning of the year but as I reported here on Premium, Henry was "completely against it." There was talk of doing Henry vs. Kane but I have speculated that Henry's discontent could have been the reason why Randy Orton was given the Wrestlemania program with Kane while Henry was put in the 12-man tag match. Henry has worked very hard this past year and certainly deserves the pay-per-view bonus.

With The Miz without Wrestlemania match do you think he will be involved in The Rock vs. John Cena?

WWE used John Cena vs. The Miz last year to build to John Cena vs. The Rock this year and the popular speculative theory lately is to have The Miz interfere in this year's main event. I can't confirm this theory but feel confident The Miz will appear at Wrestlemania in some fashion.

What are your thoughts on the change to Raw as Raw Supershow?

The transition to Raw Supershow will be seven months old at the end of this month and I have been pleased with the results. Making Raw a "permanent supershow" gives the company the best of both worlds - the brand extension remains intact (giving much needed opportunities for newer workers) while making sure talent from both brands get maximum exposure on the live flagship show. Smackdown has performed very well in the ratings and I am sure WWE attributes some of that to Smackdown bringing Raw's audience over. One of the things Triple H has done since being promoted to an executive is push for a flow from Raw to Smackdown back to Raw.

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