3MB Face Turn?, X-Pac Heat, PPVs Dedicated To Part-Timers, Why JBL Rules

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John Layfield

With Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal working as babyfaces on the European tour does this mean that 3MB will turn face in the near future or was this just a way to fill in spots on the show?

For those unaware, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal have teamed with Santino Marella and Ted DiBiase on Smackdown live events overseas to face The Prime Time Players and Epico & Primo. I don't see this as a face turn for 3MB as much as I see it as WWE trying to bank off the cheap pops generated from the overseas fans regarding Drew McIntyre. The match has been booked as comedy and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Over the years I have heard the statement that a worker or a segment has gotten "X-Pac heat." I know what heat is defined as, but I was wondering if you knew where this specific term originated and exactly means?

The term "X-Pac heat" seems to indicate the worker receives heat because they aren't a good in-ring worker, not because they are a heel character. The problem is that it is inaccurate as X-Pac was a good worker throughout his career. A better word for it would be "Great Khali heat" or who knows, maybe "Ryback heat."

Update from WNW's Jesse Sherwood:X-Pac heat originated when the fans got so tired of him that regardless of whether he was a face or heel, he'd get booed out of the building. It's a nuclear heat that fans use to show their hatred of a character.

Part-time talent in WWE is obviously a huge draw for the company but PPVs that don't have them can sometimes sell horribly, what if WWE were to have a large amount of part-time talent that they could book them so that they could have at least one part-timer on a PPV. Is this something that WWE has thought about? Could you see it happening? And could you see it being successful?

I am all for using the best talent available that will draw the most. It shouldn't be forced nor should it be mandated that WWE must utilize a part-time worker. One of the reasons why part-time workers are so successful is they help breakup monotony and provide something different. The problem with this is, once they are utilized a few times, they fall back in just like anyone else. One could make an argument The Rock working a WWE match is no longer a "big deal" because he's worked three just this year. It requires strategic booking to keep part-time workers hot and the worst thing WWE could do would be to over-utilize them by the rigid mandate you have suggested.

You've gone on record saying that you're a fan of having JBL on commentary but I'd like to state what myself and others think on his work and hear your opinion on it. Though he does have talent at commentating, he's very aggressive with his opinion and does a lot of shouting, making his partners at times uncomfortable, there were separate occasions where Josh Mathews and Jim Ross were noticeably silent on commentary because of JBL yelling at them. I feel he prevents other commentators from doing their jobs. Your thoughts?

"Everybody loves freedom of speech until someone uses it!" or when talking about The Shield, "These guys wrestle like they're in someone else's body." You can't just come up with quotes like this or write them on a script. John Layfield is one of the best at what he does and just because you don't agree with him (my political views are actually quite different), doesn't mean he isn't good. You speak of people being uncomfortable like it's a bad thing. When JBL plays the role of an antagonist, he does it brilliantly. I love the banter he adds to announce and feel it brings a compelling element to broadcasts.

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