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Divas Money in the Bank, Big Show Over Cesaro, Devaluing The WWE Championship, What's In Store For Undertaker


Welcome everyone to another edition of Ask WNW, my name is Zack Krasney and I will be answering your questions today! I'm excited to be back and talking wrestling with all you fine ladies and gentlemen! Let's get right down to it shall we? Oh and don't forget to submit any questions you have to us! The more the merrier!

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It may be looking quite far ahead, but do you think we could see the first ever female MITB ladder match next year?

The Divas Revolution is in full swing now and personally I would love to see a Divas Money in the Bank ladder match. Honestly, I think that the divas we have, plus Emma, Bayley, and some NXT workers are all contenders that could hold their own in a ladder match. To be honest, though, there are other workers that would scare me if they were working a ladder match like Alicia Fox, so I would hope they'd put the right divas in. If WWE was hesitant to do a Divas Ladder match I would like to at least see them do some sort of Battle Royal or tournament to introduce a Divas MITB Contract. To answer your question of do I see it happening? I constantly have my worries that WWE will back off this Divas Revolution but I think the chances are better than ever that we see an all divas Money in the Bank Ladder match, or at very least Money in the Bank contract, and would be surprised if the idea wasn't at least brought up to Triple H and Vince.

It seems as if though the WWE always has the tendency of pushing the Big Show as he tends to bury younger talent, including recently Cesaro. Is it because the Big Show has huge support from Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn?

Big Show gets pushed and buried as often as he turns babyface and heel it seems. One minute he'll be dominating through main event Superstars like Roman Reigns, the next minute he is barely beating The Miz. It really is quite mind-boggling to think that Big Show is still being put over younger talent when guys like Sting are doing the honors. Granted Seth Rollins and Cesaro are definitely in different places in their careers, but the point being that veterans should help to put over the next generation. The only reason I think that Big Show is currently being built up is because he's going to be facing Brock Lesnar during the Go To Hell tour. Big Show needs to be made look strong, so that when Brock Lesnar destroys him, Lesnar looks even stronger. It's a shame that WWE decided that Cesaro was the person that needed to be "fed" to Big Show to make him look strong. WWE is putting themselves in a terrible position by continuing to put their veterans over their up-and-comers.

Do you think putting John Cena over Seth Rollins twice in 2 nights in a row for the U.S. Title, devalues the WWE title and also Sting's legacy?

This is a two part question, I will start with Sting's legacy. Sting's legacy is going to be just fine. Nothing Seth Rollins, Triple H, or anyone else will ruin it. Sting is called the Icon for a reason. At this point Stinger is 56 years old and still looking great in the ring, and a few losses at the end of his career aren't going to damage his legacy. Now to the first part of this question, does putting John Cena over Seth Rollins two nights in a row, clean, hurt Seth Rollins and the WWE Championship. In short, absolutely. It's a HUGE mistake for WWE to put anyone over their WWE Champion clean, let alone doing it two nights in a row. It's actually head scratching to me who thought that was a good idea. It's almost as if WWE wanted to remind their fans, "Hey, don't forget, we may have the WWE Championship on someone else, but John Cena is always 'the guy.'" I'm not sure if WWE is in panic mode because NFL has started back up, but Cena has been rising back to the top. For a very long time John was in the midcard, battling guys like Rusev and doing his open challenge, but after Kevin Owens beat him in his debut match in the WWE, it's like someone backstage got scared and changed the whole booking situation. Since then Cena has had clean victories over Kevin Owens, the current MITB Contract holder Sheamus, and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins twice. WWE has gone from 0-60 with Cena lately and it's exactly this type of booking that make people HATE John Cena. It's not John's fault by any means, but it's frustrating to fans. WWE made their WWE Champion look pathetic just to make John Cena look better. It lacks all logic and I can only imagine what the conversations were like going into this week's booking.

What are the plans for The Undertaker going forward? Will we see him again before WrestleMania and what are the chances of him wrestling Sting?

You will indeed! It was announced this Sunday that The Undertaker will be facing off against Brock Lesnar again, this time inside Hell in a Cell at the next PPV, Hell in a Cell on October 25th. Many are speculating that this is the Undertaker's final year in WWE and he is on a retirement tour. It's been a long time since we've seen The Undertaker wrestle outside of WrestleMania but he is more active than he's been in years. I can't confirm or deny the rumors that he is doing a "retirement tour" but it certainly appears that way from the outside. As far as Undertaker vs. Sting at WrestleMania, nothing is impossible in the WWE. The idea is out there, WWE certainly knows about the fan desire to see these two square off. That said, right now it would depend on Sting's health. We know very little about the actual injuries that Sting suffered at Night of Champions and how long his recovery time will be, if there even is one right now.

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