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Divas Calling Matches, Roman Reigns vs. Triple H, Devaluing the Championship, Does Bray Wyatt Have Heat

Bray Wyatt

When watching Raw this pass Monday I heard a few times the Divas calling the match (title match). It’s not something I always hear however but do wrestlers get heat when they are heard calling spots on TV?

I heard the spot calling too, which is unusual because I don’t usually look for it. If you start to look for it, though, you’ll hear it more often than you’d think. It usually isn’t a cause for backstage heat unless it’s PARTICULARLY bad. Surprisingly I hear John Cena call more spots than most wrestlers and obviously he doesn’t get heat for it. Then again John Cena is a guy who couldn’t really get backstage heat even if tried. Obviously, WWE would prefer if their workers kept things quieter in the ring when calling their spots, but they knew what they were getting into when they went HD and upgraded all their technology to deliver the highest quality for television. Unless the spot calling is terribly loud throughout the entire match and it happens several times I don’t think WWE brass considers it that big a deal, and if they do I’m sure it’s just a quick conversation about keeping things down.

With Seth Rollins now being out until next year and the original plan of setting something up between him and HHH out the window, do you see a program between Roman Reigns and HHH leading to WrestleMania, given the outcome of title match last night?

Triple H does have a habit of nabbing the best talent for WrestleMania, but at this point you can’t blame him. He is one of last of his generation and as a wrestler alone he is still a very big draw. I know originally everyone was on board with a Seth Rollins vs. Triple H program at WrestleMania. The seeds were definitely being planted, slowly but surely, over the last 6-8 months. With Rollins out due to his knee injury, WWE quickly moved to the next guy in line, Roman Reigns. Nothing is confirmed for WrestleMania and obviously things are subject to change, but it certainly seems that WWE wants to do Roman Reigns vs. Triple H at WrestleMania. The tricky thing is that in order to do that, it would mean that Roman either wouldn’t get ahold of the WWE Championship or if he did it would be a very brief run (again.) WWE needs a payoff for Roman Reigns if they want the fans to stay behind him.

Do you feel that putting the championship on Roman Reigns only to take it away was a bad move? Doesn’t it devalue the championship?

Yes and no. I will agree that having a ”5 minute champions” isn’t a great look for the championship. At the same time, though, it’s about the story of Sheamus cashing in to become champion again. To be fair, Reigns fought through a championship tournament to earn the WWE Championship, so if anything it added a bit of prestige back to the title before losing it. I think it actually devalues the championship more to have Sheamus, a guy who was put into the lower midcard all year and lost most of his matches, win the WWE Championship. I’ll be going more into that in a separate article.

At this stage in his career I can see Bray Wyatt going along the same lines as Jake the Snake Roberts, a great talent but never in the time picture. Is WWE not ready to put him in a title picture or is it another issue?

This is a very good question and it is another one of those WWE headscratchers. WWE has hit the gas hard, and then hit the brakes equally as hard, with Bray Wyatt that I’m starting to get whiplash. I can’t tell you why WWE would put Bray Wyatt against the Brothers of Destruction, a huge honor and then just blow off the program with zero mention of it and move into a program with the Dudley Boyz. No offense to the Dudley Boyz but The Wyatt Family should be moving on to a program equal to or close to the Brothers of Destruction. It’s still shocking to me that because Bray floats between the main event picture and lower-mid card for some reason, he has never won a title in the WWE. Think about that for a second. Bray Wyatt who has been one of WWE’s best “new guys” hasn’t won a single championship since his debut July 8th, 2013. For reference, Curtis Axel has won more championships in the WWE than Bray Wyatt. As has Luke Harper, a member of the Wyatt Family. It’s mind boggling to think that Wyatt hasn’t tasted WWE gold in some form or another. It’s not an issue with his character or backstage heat, it’s just a result of terrible booking.

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