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How Low Can Ratings Go?, Reigns/Triple H At Wrestlemania, Heat On Brie Bella?, Tag Team Revolution

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With such low ratings from Raw, at what point will WWE hit the panic button?

Sadly the only people who know the answer to that will be WWE. Who knows, they may have already hit the panic button. But I would suggest that before they hit that they will pull some former stars out to try and boost ratings that way. The writing hasn't been the best at times this year and the product has of course suffered as a result but I don't think it's quite time to hit the panic button yet. One of the problem WWE faces in my mind is how it transitions Superstars up from NXT to the main roster. Aside from Kevin Owens and Charlotte there isn't really anyone on top right now or doing anything majorly notable. The way they are being booked has had a lot to do with this and if WWE isn't careful they will lose the portion of their audience who are following some of those name up from NXT.

We also have to remember that WWE has gone through periods like this in the past. For example, I really can't stand the 1995/1996 era because for me personally things seemed to hit rock bottom for WWE. However two or three years later and they were back up at some of the highest levels the company had ever seen. We should also consider that as media and entertainment outlets expand people will have more options for viewing, meaning there will always be a natural attrition of the audience. However, WWE needs to do something to buck this trend before things reach a lot lower. Over three million viewers a week is nothing to be snorted at, but we all know the company can get those figure nearer to four and above when they really turn out quality shows on a weekly basis.

Do you see a program between Roman Reigns and Triple H leading to Wrestlemainia, given the outcome of the title match at Survivor Series?

I wouldn't be surprised to see this being the direction WWE goes in if the company isn't able to lock in the potential match involving Triple H and The Rock. We all see Reigns as being the guy WWE are insistent on pushing as 'the guy', and while there has been resistance from the WWE Universe I believe there is a better chance of the fans accepting him if he was built up correctly. With Reigns currently in the middle of a feud with The League of Nations, who are working on behalf of the Authority I can see this keeping Reigns occupied until the Royal Rumble.

Will Reigns become WWE World Heavyweight Champion after TLC? I somehow can't see that being the case, but I can see Reigns overcoming several big obstacles on his way to getting into the Rumble match itself. I can see him being part of the final four at least, with the elimination of Reigns coming at the expense of Triple H in some form or fashion. From that I'm sure Reigns will want to have his revenge on Triple H and will challenge him constantly to a match, which Hunter will accept nearer to Wrestlemania. That's just a quick thought out idea in my head but to answer your question I think there's more of a chance of Reigns and Triple H facing off at Wrestlemania rather than Rock and Triple H.

Has Brie Bella got any backstage heat? I can't remember the last time I saw her win a singles match. It seems she is getting buried a lot now.

I haven't heard anything to indicate there is heat of any kind on Brie Bella at this time. The only reason I believe her win/loss record isn't what it once was is because the focus of the Divas division right now in on Paige, Charlotte and Beck Lynch. Of her last ten televised matches Brie has only won three of them. However I don't see this as anything to suggest there is heat on Brie. Wins and losses when you aren't in the middle of a storyline or push of any kind usually don't tend to mean much. Now if Brie was losing on a constant weekly basis without any wins thrown in there then I may question what is happening with her. But if there is one thing that's for sure it's that the Bella Brand will regain it's momentum when Nikki returns to the fold and will remain strong in future.

Do you envision there being a tag team revolution a la the Divas one? Triple H seems to like throwback tandems such as Dash & Dawson and Blake & Murphy, justifiably, and there are a number of tandems in NXT who have been thrown together with varying degrees of success.

I'm not so sure there will be a Tag Team revolution in the same way as the Divas division experienced. One of the main and contributing factors to the rise of the Divas Revolution was the fans voiced their displeasure at the way the girls were being booked and treated. Unless the WWE Universe gets behind Tag Teams in the same way then I can't see things changing in terms of the Tag division. We all know Vince has his tag team kick every once in a while and it looked like Tag Teams might be a focus again following the success of Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. However after Kidd's injury I feel the interest in the division died down from McMahon's side. Whether or not Triple H will be able to bring back the Tag Team buzz in the future is another question, but with what he has done down in NXT with some great teams like Enzo and Cass, Dash and Dawson, Blake and Murphey to name a few, I think the tag division will eventually return to being a staple of the WWE product.

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