A Connection Between Recent Cryptic Videos & One Used In 2000 For Undertaker, Ending The Streak, More Money For Going Over?, Heel Against Cena


Am I the only one that notices a relationship between the current cryptic videos and the 2000 Judgment Day trailers that brought The Undertaker back under the biker gimmick?

I will admit I had not given this any thought; however, I want to include both videos to give everyone an idea of what you're talking about:

Cryptic video from last night's Raw Supershow:

Return promo for The Undertaker back in 2000:

I see similarities and can tell you I have only heard two names associated with the current cryptic videos - The Undertaker and Chris Jericho. The word I got was that they could use the videos for Undertaker unless Jericho was signed, then they could use them for him. However, the above video that aired last night has everyone thinking the videos are now talking about a female. I've had people ask me every name from Kharma to Michelle McCool. I have not been made aware of a third name and can tell you Jericho claims to have no knowledge of the videos.

If The Undertaker retires next year at Wrestlemania XXVII how do you think WWE should handle the situation in terms of breaking the streak?

The Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania XXVIII should not be ended. I understand it would be a huge rub for anyone that broke it; however, I don't see anyone capable of such a tremendous accomplishment. Based on the wording of Triple H's promo last night, some are speculating a rematch next year. While I won't get into my thoughts on an Undertaker/Triple H rematch, it would be pointless for someone like Hunter to end the streak. He's also nearing the end of his in-ring career and would not benefit (aside from maybe his own ego) what-so-ever.

I've heard it said on WWE commentary that the more matches a Superstar or Diva wins, the more money they make. Is this true?

There is no bonus for going over like there is in a legitimate fight like in an MMA bout or boxing match. However, the statement is true in theory as anyone accumulating wins is being pushed thus they are more likely to sell merchandise. The more merchandise a worker moves, the more money they make (based on revenue sharing through bonuses paid to the independent contractor).

Is it harder for the worker playing the role of the heel to work with John Cena considering how much heat he's getting?

It's much more difficult and Batista recently spoke out about it. Batista said he had to "really go that extra step" to draw heat because of how much heat Cena was generating. I can't imagine what it's like now as Cena's heat has gotten much louder since then.

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