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A Step Back For Tensai, Why WWE Blew It With Lesnar’s Return, WWE HoF Doesn’t Need Bruno, The Rock A Bigger Star Than Anyone?

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Give the fact Tensai has been a flip why not take him off television and bring him back as a repackaged A-Train?

WWE has already repackaged Tensai with a gimmick similar to what he had as Albert. He's a comedy guy that isn't going to touch the main event. I've already heavily criticized the lingerie segment on this week's WWE Raw but I will add to something I wrote in the comment section. Matt Bloom worked very hard in Japan as Giant Bernard to erase a lot of the embarrassing angles he did in WWE. So much so there were plans for him to return as a main event guy, remember he actually beat John Cena. This is a step in the wrong direction for Bloom and I'm not giving WWE a pass on the Tensai/Brodus Clay stuff from Raw.

Did it surprise you at all that WWE practically took the same route to bring Brock Lesnar back into the picture as they did with Undertaker last year? On the verge of someone getting future endeavored and then the music hits. Does it seem like recycling here?

This is a great point and further highlights just how bad the WWE creative team is burnt out. WWE brought The Undertaker back last year on the January 30, 2012 episode of Raw as Triple H was giving John Laurinaitis a "performance review." Just as Hunter was about to deliver the pink slip, Undertaker returned (full results here). Fast-forward a year later and it's Brock Lesnar returning for a Wrestlemania program. I'm amazed at the amount of people that gave this week's Raw such high marks. The show was full of lackluster booking and one of the weakest shows I've seen in several weeks. Even with the firepower of The Rock and Lesnar, the show as a wreck with obvious creative blunders.

With all the rumors surrounding Triple H and Bruno Sammartino working out a deal to induct Sammartino into the WWE Hall of Fame, given the fact of all that he did for the industry and the WWE, shouldn't he be the head of a HOF class?

Triple H has worked diligently for months to bring Bruno Sammartino to the WWE Hall of Fame. We reported last week here on Premium that Triple H hoped to have a deal before the end of the week. I haven't heard an update but Hunter was confident the deal would get done. As for Bruno as the "head of the class," historically speaking he rightly deserves the honor. The problem is the WWE Hall of Fame isn't a monumental shrine for pro wrestling purists as much as it is a promotional mechanism for Wrestlemania. Like it or not, the event is about drawing and making money. Bruno is 77-years-old and the majority of the WWE fan base is unfamiliar with him. I don't understand the company's big push to induct him if it's something he doesn't want. One reader commented he could add prestige to the WWE Hall of Fame. The only way prestige is going to be added is when there is a formal voting process from people outside of the McMahon family.

What message is WWE sending to its locker room when in the last year they have had a guy come back and beat the face of the company (with only one match wrestled prior) and then beat the longest reigning champion of the last two decades without even wrestling a match first?

Vince McMahon doesn't care about the message it sends, he cares about the money he makes. The message is clear, The Rock is a bigger star than anyone they have. It's a good thing too because right now creative is on vacation, did you see Raw? The only reason people are giving this week's show high marks is because of the big names. It was a horrible effort.

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