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Adam Rose Too Predictable?, Batista's Decision To Return To WWE, WWE Network Issues, Pushing Talent In Their 40s

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Is WWE too predictable in the fact that on Raw we will almost certainly see Adam Rose win his debut match, just like every other debutant in recent times?

It would be foolish to debut Adam Rose in any other way than to put him over. The company has ran vignettes for him since Wrestlemania to hype him, it would all be for nothing if he lost out of the gate. Sometimes the business is predictable but that doesn't mean it's not the right decision either. If you didn't put Rose over, how else would you create momentum for a relatively unknown talent?

Considering that his current run has mostly been a failure (besides the reformation of Evolution), do you feel Batista regrets coming back to WWE?

I pondered in Richard Reacts to Extreme Rules what Batista thinks about his WWE return so far and his feelings about it. Based on some of his comments, like saying he looked forward to the day without all the negativity, it sure looks like he could regret coming back. It hasn't gone according to plan and things haven't gotten any better since WWE corrected their mistake with Daniel Bryan. I personally feel Batista is being used as a scapegoat by fans frustrated by the departure of CM Punk (which I don't think Batista directly contributed to) among other things. There is still value in Batista but things haven't gone well since he came back.

I am having issues watching WWE Network on my PlayStation 3, the stream often freezes and buffers. Is WWE aware of the issue?

I was made aware of some issues with the WWE Network stream during Extreme Rules but they didn't seem to be widespread. Further, I didn't experience any issues with my stream but did notice that I could hurt the performance by typing in a separate browser window. I'm not sure why that caused an issue for me but as long as I didn't do that, my stream was fine. If you had an issue, you should report it to WWE Network customer support so they are made aware. Again, I heard of issues (more so than I did with Wrestlemania) but since I did not directly experience them, I can't say much more than that.

Do you think it's unfair to say that when a worker reaches their 40s it's too late to push them. The Rock is in his 40s and still capable of a top spot but it's not OK for someone like R-Truth who has worked hard in the mid card?

There is a big difference between The Rock and R-Truth. It's not that R-Truth hasn't worked hard or doesn't deserve more but he's too old to push as a main event talent. The Rock essentially "picks up where he left off" when he returns, a talent such as R-Truth hasn't even come close to such success. This is why someone like Sting is able to work on a part-time schedule into his 50s. It's not completely unheard of, however, as Bully Ray is 42 and received the biggest singles push of his career and WWE gave William Regal a major push when he was 40 (although it was later derailed due to his second Wellness test violation). Diamond Dallas Page is another example of a "late bloomer," however; most talent will not receive the biggest push of their career after they reach the age of 40.

From the Ask WNW vault…

October 2012: With the WWE brand extension essentially over, when do you think we will see just one world title and perhaps the elimination of the World Heavyweight Championship? - I am all for having both a WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion and feel WWE has done a good job by “gracefully” ending the brand extension by getting talent from both brands on the live show while still maintaining a separate identity on Smackdown. Two world titles give the company a chance to have two separate main event scenes that create more opportunities to build top talent. A lot of people are tired of John Cena dominating the main event with some even growing tired of CM Punk as champion but if the World Heavyweight Championship is eliminated, the main event scene is only going to shrink. Unification ideas have been pitched for as long as there have been two world titles but I hope WWE continues with both the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Championship.

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