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AJ Styles Buried, Ziggler A Legit Contender?, How Long Brand Split Will Last, Suspended WWE Talent

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AJ Styles

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Do you feel like AJ Styles taking the pin in the six-pack challenge as well as being pinned at WWE Battleground diminishes him? Bray Wyatt got that treatment for a while, and now has to be rebuilt out of the upper mid card. Is AJ above that?

I am concerned about AJ Styles. I continue to hear that Vince McMahon is extremely high up on him and we reported just this week he was seen as the “number four” in terms of Top Five talent on Smackdown, however, he cannot continue to lose. WWE operates under the mentality that wins and losses don’t matter, especially for heel talent, but there is a lot of data to refute that claim. WWE has a bad habit of getting talent to the main event only to bury them every time out. As long as they do this, they’ll never get guys over where they need to be. If you don’t believe that, look at Bray Wyatt or Ryback or Kevin Owens. Goldberg’s winning streak is what put him on the map (that is an extreme example but the emphasis is important). We’re expecting Styles vs. John Cena at SummerSlam and Styles must win if they’re going to elevate him.

Do you think Dolph Ziggler has a chance to win the WWE Championship?

Dolph Ziggler getting a shot against Dean Ambrose and the WWE Championship at SummerSlam was well-received by the Internet Wrestling Community. My social timelines were filled with optimism. I’m trying to be optimistic too even though this came out of nowhere. WWE needs more top stars, especially with the brand extension and Ziggler is as good as anyone to reach up and grab that brass ring. My concern with this program is that Ziggler getting a title shot came out of nowhere with little build and is nothing more than a stopgap. Let’s hope not and I’m really trying to wait and see what happens before I criticize. So to answer your question, I hope WWE is taking this seriously and wants to elevate Ziggler once and for all. History isn’t encouraging but we’re trying to avoid that pessimistic outlook.

How long do you think the brand split will last?

In today’s conference call with investors, Vince McMahon acted like there was no end in site and credited WWE NXT and the Performance Center for churning out talent. He stated the reason the brand extension ended in the first place is they ran out of talent. Does anyone else find it hypocritical that they’ve been scrambling for the past month in trying to bring back past WWE talent to bolster the talent on their roster? Shelton Benjamin, Rhyno, Curt Hawkins, Jinder Mahal and others are all names on their way back to add depth. It’s just funny how Vince says one thing to investors but does another behind the scenes. WWE shouldn’t have a talent problem but they can’t keep doing the AJ Styles treatment where they get a talent to the top and bury them. Wins and losses matter, whether WWE wants to admit it or not.

Are WWE Superstars that are suspended allowed to use the WWE Performance Center during their suspension to stay in ring shape?

If a talent is suspended under the WWE Wellness Policy, they are not paid by the company. To me, it would make little to no sense for a talent that is not getting paid to travel to Florida to go to the WWE Performance Center to work out. Time off is so limited and coveted in this business, I would imagine a suspended Superstar would want to utilize that time doing anything else other than WWE-related stuff. With that said, I doubt Roman Reigns would have been escorted out if he showed up at the WWE Performance Center during his time off. We get a lot of questions about the WWE Wellness Policy and many can be answered by just reading through it, which is available at this link.

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