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AJ Styles' Contract Status, More Indian Talent To WWE?, Women's Evolution

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AJ Styles

Do you know how long AJ Styles' WWE contract is?

AJ is in month 16 of a 3 year deal and he isn't going anywhere. Styles is very happy where he is. I think it's safe to say the fans are happy where he is as well. Since his debut last year, WWE has treated him like a star and nothing less. I would think he'd be one of the top choices to win Money in the Bank as surely he'll be back in the WWE Title picture before the year is over as long as he stays on SmackDown.

How injured is Braun Strowman and when is he actually scheduled to return?

Braun Strowman's Actual Injury Revealed, Surgery Date & Recovery Details

">As we first reported, WWE is exaggerating the amount of time Braun will be out of action. They're calling for six months, which puts him back in action near October or November. The actual expectation is that he'll be back in time for SummerSlam, if not sooner, for a Universal Title match against Brock Lesnar. This was the original plan for July's Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view. While I would've liked to have seen a real conclusion to the Reigns/Strowman program, WWE was quick to create a new highly-anticipated main event for Extreme Rules.

I applaud them for that.

Following Jinder Mahal's ascension to the WWE Title, are there any plans for the WWE to sign more wrestlers of Indian origin to help further push the product in India?

The company is in a search for more Indian talent, however the pipeline is not very strong right now. With Jinder Mahal and now the Singh Brothers on the main roster, I do believe there are at least two other male wrestlers down in NXT. It'll certainly be interesting to see what's next for the Indian market. WWE toured the country in January, but doesn't have plans revealed for another visit very soon. It's also worth noting that we could possibly be in for a lengthy title reign from Mahal, which you can read about Tom's Tidings: Backstage News On Length of Mahal's Title Reign, Planned Winner For MITB, Where WWE Is Currently Scouting & More


From 2006 to 2015, the WWE Divas Division (as it was called back then) consisted mainly of former models such as Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Eve Torres, The Bella's and many others as they were hired by John Laurinaitis. However when Triple H replaced Laurinaitis, he hired wrestlers from independent circuits such as Paige, Emma, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Asuka, among others, while gradually phasing out the models. With that being said, who in your opinion was responsible for ending the WWE Divas Division?

It wouldn't be completely accurate to say just one person was responsible for the changes, but I don't think I'd be wrong in thanking Triple H for helping. Like you mentioned, he signed several top indie women who had the potential to change the game in WWE. You can also look at the introduction of the NXT Women's Title, the signing of trainer Sara Amato, the match times being increased for the likes of Paige, Emma, Charlotte, Natalya, etc. The process of the Divas Revolution turning into the Women's Evolution started small down in NXT and eventually translated to the main roster when the Four Horsewomen were called up. With the assistance of many behind the scenes and in the ring, Triple H was largely responsible for evolving the women's division.

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