Styles Or Roode In NXT, Where Are Enzo & Cass, Ambrose As World Champ, Dusty Rhodes Classic Winners

AJ Styles

What do you think the chances are of AJ Styles or Robert Roode being offered an NXT contract? People said for years Joe would never be offered one and look at him now.

I think there is every chance that either man could be offered a deal to come and work with WWE under the NXT brand. If I was honest I would say Roode has a better chance than AJ right now probably due to age, and the fact that AJ is doing some huge stuff right now as part of the Bullett Club in New Japan. There has been talk of him coming to WWE over the last few years but the obstacle in his path has always been some in WWE feeling like they would be starting again with him and with age not on his side are they willing to really do that? Roode on the other hand is still a young talent who WWE have shown interest in previously, most notably a few years ago when the rumours of Beer Money coming to WWE started up, and with James Storm now there too I'm sure those rumours may start back up again. So never say never on either man joining but right now I think Roode has more of a chance than AJ.

Just wondering what has happened to Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady? They were going strong at one point and now are nowhere to be seen.

They are busy being certified g's and bonafide studs! In all seriousness they are still part of the WWE NXT roster and competed in matches at the latest set of NXT tapings, which you can read spoilers for here if you can't wait to find out how they got on. We last saw Enzo and Cass compete against Samoa Joe and Finn Balor in a match for the Dusty Rhodes Classic in an episode of NXT that aired on 30th September. The thing to note here is Enzo and Cass were just probably being given some time off the screen in the short term. They are still very much a part of NXT and still very much a big part of the Tag Team division. They are one of the most popular teams on the roster and I can only see them going one way and that is up to the main roster next year.

Will Dean Ambrose ever become WWE World Champion? And how far up in WWE is he?

This is a pretty open question as the answer is no one truly knows whether or not Ambrose will ever become a WWE World Champion. I believe Ambrose has all the attributes and the talent to certainly be a main event talent, and I personally believe that yes he can become WWE World Champion one day. Ambrose is certainly thought of in high regard when it comes to the pecking order of potential champions and this showed when Ambrose spent a good portion of this year chasing Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Ambrose is a solid and reliable worker whom WWE can easily call upon should the situation arise where they decide he's going to be the guy to get the belt. I think his time will come to win the big one but I don't foresee it being within the next twelve months. I would certainly encourage you to make Dean Ambrose one of the favourites to win next years Money in the Bank briefcase though.

Why did WWE let Finn Balor and Samoa Joe win the Dusty Rhodes Classic? They didn't need it, Joe didn't turn or anything, and this would have been a perfect opportunity for a less famous team to win and make a name for themselves.

I was actually pretty pleased to see Finn and Joe pick up the win. They are two of the standout guys in NXT right now and deserve the win as much as anybody. I think had a team that isn't so well known won it then people would not have reacted as well to the outcome. Did Finn or Joe need the win? They probably didn't but I'm sure when the eventual turn of one of them happens which is something most seem to be expecting, then their teaming together to win this tournament will have some significance in that. You could make an argument as to why any team that comepted in the semi finals should have won the tournament but the call was made to go with Finn and Joe, something I personally think was a wise choice.

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