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Alberto Del Rio Turning Babyface, Past Names Returning, Latest On Orton, Raven/WWE

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Is Alberto Deo Rio turning babyface?

Yes, WWE has decided to move forward with plans to turn Alberto Del Rio babyface. As I reported here on, Del Rio's turn was something that wasn't included until the later drafts of WWE TLC and one observer believes he is getting Randy Orton's spot.

With the Royal Rumble only about a month away, have you heard any names thrown into the mix as possible surprise entrants?

WWE has been in contact with former names about appearing on this week's WWE Raw for the 2012 Slammy Awards and the 20th Anniversary of Raw next month so I can only assume they will include a surprise or two in the 30-man Royal Rumble match. I haven't heard of any names and if I do and can confirm them, we'll pass along that information. Do not be surprised if some past names show up on this week's Raw and the aforementioned 20th Anniversary show on January 14, 2013.

Has there been any further information on Randy Orton's injury and is there a timeline for his return?

Randy Orton is not being advertised for any of this week's WWE television tapings, however, as of this writing, is still on the official listing of talent for the December 27, 2012 live event in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This tells me he is expected to be out for the week and will be reevaluated with the hope he's good to go for the holiday tour. There is concern regarding his health given past shoulder problems as I ran a detailed update over the weekend at this link.

Previous lawsuit aside, do you ever see Raven returning to the WWE?

Scott Levy is 48-years-old and filed a lawsuit against WWE, questioning the independent contractor status of his performer's contract. While it would be comical if he signed a new contract just like the one he disputed, it's highly unlikely there would be any interest what-so-ever.

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