Alex Riley Buried, Moving Smackdown To A Live Show, Show Bonusses, Scott Steiner Back To WWE?

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What are your thoughts on Alex Riley? I feel like WWE is dropping the ball with Riley, if he was in TNA or Ring Of Honor I feel he would be a main eventer right now.

Alex Riley was given a decent opportunity on WWE TV and while he got over with the crowd, his in-ring work is bad. I don't know about TNA but there's no way he would be over in Ring of Honor with sub-par in-ring work (and I feel like I'm being nice calling it sub-par). Riley has potential but he most improve his in-ring abilities if he is going to get a serious run in WWE.

With recent live Smackdown's, do you think WWE is trying to transition over to live or will it never happen and they are going to continue with "live specials."

While the live editions of Smackdown have popped ratings in the past, here recently they have shown no real benefit, even posting lower numbers then what the replay did in the normal Friday night timeslot. For WWE to move Smackdown to a live show they would probably have to switch to Tuesday nights (for obvious reasons regarding production travel) and I just don't see there being that big of a benefit. As things currently stand, WWE seems happy with a taped show on Friday nights with occasional Tuesday night specials.

Every superstar get's a bonus if they appear on TV right? A couple weeks ago on Raw Supershow pretty much every Superstar appeared in the John Cena and Brock Lesnar segment... Would that mean everyone that appeared on that segment get the bonus?

If a worker is used on a WWE show in any capacity they are paid $500. This amount used to be $1000 but was cut 50% about four years ago. So to answer your question, if the worker was shown on camera, they were paid that amount.

Do you think Scott Steiner might return to WWE?

I don't think it's likely that Scott Steiner returns to WWE although anything is possible. You know how Steiner is burying Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard right now? He did the same thing to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon when he left WWE. A lot of bridges were burned with Steiner and I just don't see the company feeling he's a big enough draw to offer him a contract.

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