Ambrose Heel Turn, Divas on Superstars, Reigns a Royal Rumble Winner, Undertaker Booked Weak

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

I have this feeling that Dean Ambrose is going to cost Roman Reigns the title at Survivor Series thus starting a feud between the two do you think this is possible seeing as WWE's way of booking goes and the want to establish Reigns as the face of WWE?

This is definitely a possibility as many feel the heel turn of Dean Ambrose is inevitable. Personally, I am against it. I'm a big fan of the bromance of Ambrose and Reigns, and honestly I think Ambrose helps Reigns connect to the fans. Ambrose brings out the lighter side of Roman and the fans love Ambrose, so when Reigns saves him or vice versa it reminds the fans to love Reigns. It also risks the WWE fans siding with Ambrose over Reigns. There is the very real possibility that the fans will want Ambrose to be the face and Roman to be the heel and it could spell disaster for any plans WWE had in mind for Roman's push. That said, it would certainly be a good fail safe if WWE decides to pull back on Reigns new push. I'd much rather Roman get the push he started on last year, but with better booking and better timing this time around. It's also time that guys like Reigns and Ambrose break into the main event and if they end up battling each other, they'll be stuck in another mid-card feud. If we're lucky we'll end up with a Triple Threat at WrestleMania with all three members of the Shield. It will take some work to get all three men on the same level, but if done right it will be epic.

In the past, WWE Superstars featured mainly mid-to-low card talent as well as an occasional Divas match but in recent weeks, Divas matches have all but disappeared on the show. Thoughts?

My only guess would be that it's a change in the mentality towards the Divas Division. The Divas aren't just a throw away division anymore and there is serious focus on them. WWE Superstars and Main Event are really just the pre-show matches that WWE decided to film to make more revenue. With the Divas Revolution causing the Divas to be more of a main focus, they've moved off the kick off show. That said, it's not to say we'll never see another divas match on Superstars, but it's just less likely that they'll be put there as a throw away match.

I have heard a rumor that Roman Reigns is a potential winner for the Royal Rumble next year. I can see why WWE wants to do this, but don't you think WWE is making the same mistake they made the last 2 years by putting someone over that they wanted to win, not what the universe wants?

I hadn't heard that rumor yet, but I have heard that the push for Roman Reigns is back on, as evident by booking on Sunday at Hell in a Cell and Monday Night Raw. This is definitely a good thing. More faith in the next generation is exactly what we need. Roman Reigns was hugely popular until WWE made the mistake, again, of underestimating the WWE Universe's love of Daniel Bryan. Roman Reigns was in the right place at the wrong time and the fans came crashing down on Reigns as a result. That has also mixed with a new mentality among the WWE fans, which is to boo/hate people just to be popular. There are people at live events who chant "Let's Go Cena" and then literally immediately chant "Cena Sucks!" The same people who boo Reigns are the same ones who pop for him when he comes to the ring. Getting back to the question, I think putting Reigns over at the Royal Rumble two years in a row would be a mistake. It would remind fans of what happened last year and would come off as very transparent. They'd risk ending up with egg on their face for a third year in a row. I don't know if Daniel Bryan will end up getting cleared by then but if WWE has half a brain they'd finally put him over at the Royal Rumble.

Why WWE booked The Undertaker so weakly in every match against Brock? I think Undertaker should have won the final chapter to end the feud.

While I don't necessarily have a problem with Brock Lesnar going over The Undertaker at Hell in the Cell, I do agree that Undertaker was booked pretty weakly in this feud with Brock Lesnar. The only win the Undertaker scored against Lesnar was a dirty finish. Undertaker tapped out but because a miscommunication between the ref and the time keeper, the match continued. Undertaker hit the low blow to win the match making him look desperate. These losses to Brock Lesnar won't make the Undertaker look weak in the scope of his career. At this point Undertaker seems more determined to pass on as many torches as he can before he rides off into the sunset and hangs up his boots.

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