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Ambrose Losing & Afraid?!, Seth Rollins Winning WWE Title, TLC Main Event

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Does it to concern you at all that Dean Ambrose has gone under at four straight pay-per-views?

No, because he hasn’t been going under clean. If Ambrose was getting “pinned to death,” I would obviously be concerned but that has not been the case. Let’s recap his pay-per-view matches since returning at WWE Night of Champions:

  • Fought Seth Rollins to a no-contest at WWE Night of Champions
  • At WWE Hell in a Cell, Bray Wyatt returned and allowed Rollins to pin Ambrose
  • Ambrose was disqualified against Bray Wyatt at Survivor Series
  • Dean Ambrose was “blinded by an exploding TV” at WWE TLC, allowing Wyatt to pin him for the win

So out of four matches, Ambrose has only been pinned twice and neither have been clean. It’s complicated when up and coming talent are programmed together, because someone has to go under. However, in both cases, it was part of a “bigger story” and neither made Ambrose look weak. In fact, one can make the argument that he was actually pushed in going under as it took interference for Rollins to pin him and a TV “shorting out” for Wyatt to pin him.

I believe Ambrose has a bright future in WWE and further proved that in another pay-per-view main event at WWE TLC. If an established talent was continuously going over Ambrose, I would rip WWE apart. All and all, I still feel Ambrose is an upper mid-card talent that hasn’t come close to his ceiling.

I feel as if Dean Ambrose doesn't make any of his matches memorable and is deathly afraid of taking high spots (which is understandable), but as someone who is being booked as a lunatic with nothing to lose, shouldn't it show in his in ring work as well?

We’re going to have to agree to disagree here, as I see it very differently. I see Dean Ambrose as a guy obsessed with doing high spots, to the point where I believe he actually enjoys it. I was critical of Ambrose getting caught “jumping” in his spot off the cage at Hell in a Cell, but I don’t think that was because he didn’t want to do it, as much as he was trying too hard to micro-manage it. Here’s that spot again:


I have been caught somewhat off guard by some of the criticism that I’ve seen directed towards Ambrose and Bray Wyatt regarding their TLC match on Sunday night. As I discussed in Richard Reacts, I believe some of the spots in the match were hurt by the gimmick-heavy pay-per-view but they had a fantastic encounter. They did everything they could and left it all out in the ring. We can all poke fun at the “exploding TV” finish but the story that was supposed to tell was the only way Ambrose could be stopped was by the TV "blinding him."

If you don’t believe my observation that Ambrose “enjoys” these type of matches, just take a look at his face towards the latter part of Sunday’s bout. Remember, this was after a number of high spots and tough bumps:

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I encourage you to go back and watch some of Dean Ambrose’s work in CZW as Jon Moxley. Better yet, just let me show you:

Thumbtack Jack Vs. Jon Moxley CZW WrestlingWorl

Yeah, something is wrong with him and trust me, he’s the last guy that’s afraid. WWE will simply not allow Ambrose to do the type of things that put him on the map but on Sunday, he still put his body through the ringer.

I know this is fantasy booking, but isn't the Royal Rumble the perfect time for Seth Rollins to cash in his Money in the Bank contract?

From a strictly hypothetical standpoint, I believe WWE has two incredible opportunities at Royal Rumble. You mentioned the first. WWE is in a mess with their World Heavyweight Championship being on Brock Lesnar. What sounded good on paper hasn’t worked. Lesnar won the belt from John Cena at SummerSlam and in what will be more than 5 months later [at Royal Rumble] and he’s still feuding with John Cena. Whatever WWE hoped to accomplish with Lesnar holding the strap and disappearing from TV, wasn’t accomplished. Now, it’s time for a contingency plan.

I was ready for that plan to be executed at WWE Night of Champions but Lesnar walked out (literally and figuratively) with the strap. Now, WWE can make a whole lot of things right by executing it at Royal Rumble. Not only that but there is a solid backstory in place between Rollins and Cena — given what happened at TLC — and WWE can put an end to this mess.

The second opportunity hinges on the health of Daniel Bryan. If Bryan is somehow/some way healthy by Royal Rumble, he has to win it. That would right the wrong from this year and provide a comeback story that will pick up on the momentum he had this April. However, I am not sure that is anything more than wishful thinking and the last I heard Bryan was still out indefinitely.

Why was John Cena vs. Seth Rollins not the main event of WWE TLC?

While people were surprised John Cena vs. Seth Rollins didn’t headline WWE TLC, they really shouldn’t have been. It only made sense for the TLC Match to close the TLC pay-per-view, with the undercard being matches where the gimmick was broken down on its own. We could talk about WWE not wanting to close with another dirty finish but it’s not like Wyatt beat Ambrose clean (as explained above).

From the Ask WNW vault…

June 2012: With WWE bringing back past GMs, what are the odds that the Anonymous Raw General Manager returns for a week? - When I first read this question my first reaction was, oh no I hope not. Then I thought, well it would save WWE the money of having to pay per shot to a past name. I don’t know if there are plans to bring back that stupid computer but let’s hope that doesn’t happen. I’ll go as far as saying the Anonymous Raw General manager was one of the worst gimmicks in WWE history that completely defied logic.

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