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Ambrose & Stretchers, Forcing Roman Reigns, Complacency In WWE, Destination America Tip

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Do you think WWE has overdone stretcher jobs with Dean Ambrose? First at Hell in a Cell, then last week’s Smackdown. Too much or just right?

WWE is trying to tell the story that Dean Ambrose is unstable with no regards to his own well being, let alone the well being for others. As for the multiple stretcher jobs, it’s exactly what I’ve come to expect from WWE in that they have no sense of moderation. So yes, I think the stretcher job on Smackdown was too much but then again, there will actually people questioning whether or not he suffered a legitimate injury.

If for nothing else, it gave us one of my favorite photos of the year that you can view at this link.

Back to my point of WWE lacking in moderation, there are examples across the board from Brock Lesnar not defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on MULTIPLE pay-per-views to the company forcing Roman Reigns at every turn. I criticize WWE often for not protecting up and coming talent but in the case of Reigns, they aren’t just protecting him, they’re overdoing it to the point where it’s already alienating him from fans.

Will there ever be a reformation of The Shield faction?

I hope not. The Shield faction had a great run as heels and then as babyfaces, before being broken up and sent on their way as singles stars with a lot of potential. All factions have a limited shelf life and almost every time one is resurrected, it’s a shell of what it was in its initial run. I’ll never forget thoroughly enjoying the nWo and DeGeneration X in their original forms but growing to dread their segments when put back together. A few years after the nWo had debuted, the faction had grown so large that everyone being featured on television was nWo. It goes back to my point of moderation but more than that, it’s understanding that all factions have a limited shelf life. They should be booked with an end plan in mind, so they are not overdone.

The Undertaker was quoted on a recent episode of Monday Night War on WWE Network about growing complacent without a lack of competition. I think we can all agree to a certain degree, complacency has settled in certain aspects of WWE and hurt the quality of the product. Who do you feel is the most complacent? Vince McMahon? The writers? The locker room?

A lack of competition does create complacency and I agree that’s exactly what we’ve seen in many aspects of WWE. If anything else, back in the Attitude Era and the days that featured the Monday Night War, it was “do or die” each and every week. Because of this, shows had a much more “all or nothing” approach and fans were rewarded with compelling programming. However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t still problems and illogical angles or things that were just downright dreadful.

Some people see the way things are today and wish they were like they used to be. There were problems then too, but the business was riding a tidal wave of extreme popularity. However, times were so much different then it would be almost impossible to recreate them today.

Information flows much more freely in 2014 then it did in the 90s and we’re not going to go back with less content, where pay-per-view was a much more cutting edge concept. Even if WWE cutback on live programming, with the influence of the Internet and social media and the “connectedness” we all have with the business, things are much different today then they were then.

As for who is more complacent - I think a very solid argument can be made that Vince McMahon, the writers and the talent have all developed a level of complacency that stems from a lack of competition, even if that level has been developed subconsciously. All will deny it but that doesn’t mean it’s not there either. However, I can’t place “complete blame” on any one person for failure to recapture what were the glory years of professional wrestling.

Previously, you had mentioned about changing your DirecTV service each week for one day to DVR TNA. Can you explain further?

Sure, I love to help people save money. For those that missed it, Destination America, which is the new TV home of Impact Wrestling in the US, is available on DirecTV on channel 286. However, it depends on what package you have as to whether or not the channel is available. In my area, Destination America is available on the Xtra, Ultimate or Premier packages. I like to save money on my cable bill so I keep my package at the lowest setting available which is the Select package for $49.99/month (I believe you have to have an active 2-year contract to have access to this setting). When there is something I want to watch, such as Impact, I move to a different package, in this case the Xtra package, to watch the show. When it’s over, or finished recording, I change my package back down.

To do this:

Go to

Login with your user name and password

On the left side, click “View My Programming”

On the next page, click “Change Packages”

Select the package that you need and in under 30 seconds, that package should be available on your TV or mobile device. You are only charged for how long you are in a particular package. So while I will be charged more than $49.99/month, it’s literally pennies on the dollar because I’m only charged for the amount of time that I’m in the Xtra package (which is $73.99/month). Just make sure you always take it back down when it’s over, as I forgot when I scaled up last month, and my bill was higher than I expected.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2012: Which member of The Shield do you think has the most potential? - This is a question that’s too early to answer because we haven’t seen enough of any of them. Roman Reigns is the greenest of the trio as Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have already had runs as top guys in other promotions (Dragon Gate USA and Ring of Honor respectively), however, Reigns has a great look. WWE’s developmental system is very well stocked and these are three of the best. Take a look at WWE’s top prospects from the original Nexus and you can see more of what I’m talking about.

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