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Ambrose/Owens European Tour Match Moved? Rooney At Raw? Roman Reigns Winning The Big One? Survivor Series Outcome?

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Bracket

Can you confirm if the Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens Intercontinental Championship match has been moved from the Butlins, Minehead card on Saturday?

In the words of Insane Championship Wrestling's New Age Kliq, you should always remember this; card subject to change. I have looked at the schedule and it does indeed appear that Owens and Ambrose will no longer appearing on that show. The reason for that is related to the injury of Seth Rollins in Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday. The injury sent WWE into a huge panic for what to do not just for storylines going forward but for something to keep the fans happy ion the European tour, as the show the following night on the Thursday in Cardiff, Wales the fans were less than impressed having Kane and Big Show main eventing a show, with many feeling disappointed. That meant the company had to act fast and make some changes and the call was made to move Ambrose and Owens over onto the shows Seth would have been on. I'm sorry you are going to miss out on seeing Ambrose and Owens, but the show is going to be headlined by a street fight between Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt, which in itself promises to be a great match.

What did you make of Wayne Rooney's involvement at Raw slapping King Barrett?

I absolutely loved the fact Wayne Rooney got involved in the action last night, delivering a slap to King Barrett after Barrett spent some time prior to the match taunting the Manchester United captain. The two have had a little exchange previously on Twitter so when I heard Rooney was at the show it only felt inevitable something was going to go down. Would I have liked to have seen a little more animation from Rooney? Of course but at the end of the day he's a footballer, not a sports entertainer. Barrett did a great job of selling the slap and I imagine it was pretty cool for Rooney's kids to see their dad get involved in the action. Is this the last we have seen of this feud? Not if Barrett has anything to do with it. Whether Rooney could make an appearance of some sort at a WWE show in the future I don't know, but with the logistics of his schedule in the Premier League (Which runs August to May) it would be incredibly hard for something to be worked out where Rooney, Manchester United, and WWE are all happy. I'd love to see it happen, I just don't know how practical it would be but as a Manchester United fan I loved last nights segment. Cesaro and Sheamus already had the match of the night and this just capped it off perfectly. It also achieved media coverage for the company here in the UK with the likes of the BBC, Sky Sports, Metro, Daily Mail and Independent all covering the story as well as other worldwide media outlets. I'd say all in all this spot achieved exactly what WWE wanted it to.

Do you think if Roman Reigns is going to 'win the big one' the fans will only accept it if he won it from John Cena or Batista?

I think in all honesty it makes no difference how Roman Reigns wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as if it happens the WWE fans are going to be all over it and give Reigns a hard time, as was evident last night in Manchester when he received a typical John Cena style mixed reception. It seems that if WWE want Reigns to be over as their next big guy then the company has a big mountain to climb to get the fans to buy into him. It seems the fans don't want to get behind the machines guy anymore like they once did years ago and instead would rather get behind who they want. And there's nothing wrong with that because we are all entitled to boo and cheer for who we want. Daniel Bryan would be a prime example of this as it's still evident to me that the fans want him back and want him as champion, and we haven't seen him on television for a number of months now. It wouldn't matter who Reigns faced, whether it was John Cena, Batista, The Undertaker, Dolph Ziggler, Sting, Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins because ultimately the fans are going to react in whatever way they chose to.

Am I the only one who thinks that if this WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament is not a blockbusting showcase of the upper mid card talent then it's a bust?

Absolutely not. Here's the thing; while the winner doesn't have to be someone who is established already you really aren't likely to accept the likes of Stardust or Kalisto as the champion. In the e-mail for this question there are guys like Ziggler, Ambrose, Wyatt, Reigns are all named as guys who should get the strap. For me all four of them are more than capable of being the guy to carry the company forward in Seth Rollins absence. I think an argument can also be made for Kevin Owens or Cesaro to finally have their chance. Cesaro wrestled the match of the night on Monday at Raw against Sheamus and has proved time and time again he deserves a chance at the top, and we all know Kevin Owens has more than enough talent and experience to carry himself as the champion. The way the tournament is set up for me though this tournament is only going to go one way; a Dean Ambrose versus Roman Reigns final, with one of the two turning heel on the other and of course that person walks out with the title. The tournament wouldn't be a total fail for me if someone like Alberto Del Rio or Sheamus (cashing in Money in the Bank) walks out at the end of the night as champion, because they're both proven champions who is more than capable of holding their own in such a high pressure role.

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