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Ambrose's Future, Angle Not Coming To WWE, TNA's TV Deal, Time For Vince To Go?!

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With the crowd embracing Dean Ambrose upon his return, what do you think the next move WWE will make with him?

I plan on writing a detailed article about the elevation of Dean Ambrose, however, he has been embraced since his return from filming the WWE Studios production "Lockdown." His one month absence was great for him and provided just what was needed to take the next step in his push. In the immediate short term, they have to sort things with Seth Rollins. In the long term, I believe the possibilities are endless. However, it's essential the company handle it in a tactful way and not try to do too much too fast. The opportunity is there and the stuff on Raw was excellent. Let's hope they can carry that momentum and capitalize when they need it the most. Again, I'll be discussing this later in detail.

What do you think of WWE bringing in Kurt Angle to work Brock Lesnar as a stopgap between now and Wrestlemania 31? Isn't Kurt a free agent?

While WWE was widely believed to have no interest in Kurt Angle returning as an in-ring performer, that had begun to change at one point last month. However, it's not happening and I do not see Kurt Angle coming back to work Brock Lesnar in WWE. Angle taped appearances on TNA television well into November and will not be heading to WWE.

Has TNA signed a TV deal with Velocity or WGN America?

There continues to be a tremendous amount of misinformation making rounds about TNA Wrestling. The company has a deal with Spike TV to carry Impact through the end of 2014. However, as we reported here at, the network is looking to move on. The company remains in negotiations -- through UTA -- with multiple networks about a possible domestic TV home but no announcement has been made. The impression that most people have is that TNA will reach an agreement with a network, however, what that will look like is still unknown.

Is it time for Vince McMahon to step down and let Triple H takeover?

A number of people have asked me recently if I believe that Vince McMahon has lost his touch and it's easy to start pointing fingers, especially when things are bad. However, the idea of "pushing Vince out" or "relieving him of his responsibilities" is an absolutely ridiculous notion. Vince is polarizing and controversial but there's still no denying his success. WWE is at the biggest crossroads in their history - replacing pay-per-view with the WWE Network and now people want to take the boss out and replace him with a guy that's never ran a company on any level. That's completely absurd.

As we reported here on last October, Vince took back over the reigns of "head of creative" in a move that was to relieve Stephanie of the stress as she focused on her on-air character and didn't have the burden of storylines looming over her. Vince has always had the final say so the fact he's head of creative really isn't that groundbreaking of a revelation.

Do you want to know what WWE corporate thinks of McMahon? This is from the company's FORM 10-K filed with the SEC at the end of 2013 as part of their year-end filings:

The unexpected loss of the services of Vincent K. McMahon could adversely affect our ability to create popular characters and creative storylines or could otherwise adversely affect our operating results.

I've been a loud critic of the current WWE creative direction, however, the notion of WWE being better off without Vince -- especially right now -- is IWC overreaction at its worst.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2011: How long will Daniel Bryan’s reign as World Heavyweight Champion last? - I am hopeful that Daniel Bryan will have a respectable reign as World Heavyweight Champion. However, I would be lying if I told you I’m not holding my breath every time he is booked to wrestle. People can call me a Daniel Bryan fan boy all they want but the fact of the matter is Bryan has paid his dues and is the best worker in WWE. He has earned this opportunity and it’s about time the company received a makeover at the top.

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