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With WrestleMania right around the corner, who would be your ideal opponent for The Undertaker if he chooses to perform? 

It’s that time of year that speculation rises about if The Undertaker comes back for WrestleMania, or he he chooses to hand up the boots. The last time we have seen the Deadman in the ring was at Crown Jewel against D-Generation X and Kane. With that being said, I have two people in mind that have potential to have a must see bout with the man himself. First, I’ll go with Finn Balor, not the man, but the Demon. Since making his way to WWE, I think it has given people hope to see a Demon vs Deadman match at Mania. Personally, we’d be in a treat to see a match like that happen. My other option would be none other than the NXT standout in Aleister Black. He has that mystique that no one has really captured since The Undertaker and I would be in vote for some type of passing of the torch match between the two men.

Does WWE see All Elite Wrestling as competition? 

WWE would be silly to think that All Elite Wrestling does not have the potential to be competition. Let’s take a look at the three Vice Presidents that are involved with the company, Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. The three men sold out an arena in less than 30 minutes that held 10,000 people in it. Now they’re being backed by the Khan family that can compete with WWE money. The company landed a deal with Chris Jericho, a WWE loyalist. All Elite Wrestling has all the makings to become just as successful as the WWE, however, I believe that they need to focus on what they have to do in order to have that success and not worry about WWE’s agenda. 

Does WWE plan to continue with the idea of Intergender Wrestling? 

The company planted the seeds for Intergender Wrestling at the Royal Rumble where Nia Jax inserted herself into the Men’s Rumble Match, attacking the likes of R-Truth, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio. Not only that but was with a Super Kick by Dolph Ziggler, RKO’d by Orton and a 619 by Mysterio. Let’s not forget that this has occurred in previous Rumble Matches where women have competed in them. As for Intergender Wrestling, I can definitely see it happening sooner rather than later  because it’s become normal in the world of professional wrestling and WWE wants to keep up with the trends. Of course, you’ll have the people that love it, and then you’ll have those who are against it. But we all have to realize is that it’s a show for our entertainment. I think we see it very soon in WWE. 

With the spot needing to be filled, who has the potential to be the Face of WWE? 

We’ve gone through the Hogan era, The Stone Cold and Rock Era, the John Cena era. These were stars that were over like rover and had that star power. WWE has failed to get people over like they have done in the past. Fans are just too smart nowadays. There doesn’t have to be just one person that can be the face, there can be multiples that can capitalize for WWE. You have the likes of Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, The Miz, and the list could keep going. In my honest opinion, and who I think already is the face of the company, is The Man herself, Becky Lynch. She has grown organically with the crowd and is adored. She is the face of the company and I stick to it. The company can put full faith in her to steer it in the right direction. 

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