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Do you see WWE adjusting to more AEW ways for benefits, time off, and creativity? If not, are they doomed to fall behind?

I am convinced that Vince is stuck in his ways, and in a way, rightfully so. How many years has WWE been on top and without competition? During the Monday Night Wars, we saw some of the best product being produced. With that being said, WWE has gotten comfortable and I would even go to say lazy. Now that AEW is on a rapid rise, WWE should be worried. They jumped up to the second biggest wrestling promotion in the world just after one show. They revealed that they will offer their talent benefits and the schedule will be fairly light. Do I see WWE adjusting to AEW ways? The answer is no because they have been doing this for so long that they do not like change. We won't know the full answer until TNT airs weekly AEW shows in the Fall. Only time will tell.

Why did WWE add the Wild Card Rule if they have Brand Splits?

This is a question that to this day, still remains a mystery. I was totally fine with the brand split, but at the same time WWE needed to make each show seem different. It could start with having a different look. Raw and Smackdown seem the same week in and week out. I'm assuming ratings became an issue and that is where the Wild Card came into play. The original idea was four superstars from Raw and Smackdown could appear on either show, but not all the time. Well, each week we see someone be a Wild Card, and it's close to 7-8 people who appear. I should add that it's the same people every week. It totally kills the brand split and they insult the intelligence of the audience every time they Wild Card. It is awful.

Is AEW competition to WWE?

People will say no, but let's be real, they are. WWE should be worried. The thing is, it doesn't have to be like that. Why can't multiple promotions deliver good quality product without feeling threatened? AEW said they want to be an alternative to what has been on television for the past decade, and they sure do deliver. This is a time to be a wrestling fan and we should all be open to all promotions and want them all to succeed. 

With rumors of WWE stars unhappy with the company and looking towards AEW once their contracts come to an end, will we see them jump ship despite Cody Rhodes stating that they do not want to build AEW out of former WWE stars?

As Thomas Fenton mentioned in WNW Premium, AEW will be selective based on talent need and how they will fit in their company. They will not sign everyone just because they are structured to add just anyone. Take a look at Chris Jericho, he loves the business and has grown a great relationship with Rhodes, The Bucks and Omega. He brings in so much credibility to AEW that they needed. It wasn't because of Chris Jericho being from WWE, but due to how great he is all around. Regardless if they have former talent from WWE or not, AEW has a bright future ahead of themselves and it comes down to the story telling and booking of the talent that matters.

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