Why isn’t there a Men’s Elimination Chamber for Raw this year?

In short? Brock Lesnar. I hate to be blunt, but it does boil down to Brock Lesnar either not wanting to work the Chamber or WWE wanting to save up his remaining dates leading up to WrestleMania. With Seth Rollins, a Raw Superstar, winning the Royal Rumble that means they can’t do a #1 Contender Elimination Chamber like they’ve done in the past. Usually, whichever brand’s champion the Royal Rumble winner picks ends up defending their championship at Elimination Chamber and the brand that was not picked has a #1 Contender match to determine who will face the champion at WrestleMania. In this case it should have been Brock Lesnar defending his championship inside the Elimination Chamber and the Smackdown Chamber had 6 men fighting to become #1 Contender. However, because Lesnar’s contract is only good through WrestleMania (as of this writing he hasn’t signed an extension) it’s likely they want to conserve his remaining dates and it’s also very likely Lesnar didn’t want to work the Chamber.

Is Daniel Bryan’s customized WWE title here to stay? When he loses the title will they revert back to the other belt? Or this a way to introduce a new design?

It depends on what you mean by “here to stay.” As long as Daniel is the WWE Champion, this design is what’s going to be what he uses. However, I believe that whenever Daniel drops the title, the design will revert to the original leather and gemstones look we’re used to. The organic title is a unique and interesting twist on current design and makes sense with his current gimmick. I’m glad they decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on changing it. However, I just can’t get past the fact that it looks like it’s made of cardboard. I want to be behind it so bad, but it’s so bland and boring! I guess, in the end, that’s kind of what they’re going for. To answer your question, no this won’t be a long-term title and the belt isn’t going to be like this forever, only as long as Daniel is champion.

Why does WWE book Daniel Bryan as a heel even though what he stands for are good things (even if he presents them like a jerk)?

I decided to answer this question next because it ties in so well with the question above. WWE booking Daniel to be a very obnoxious heel despite him actually representing good, positive things all boils down to WWE playing to their audience (or who they think their audience is). It’s always funny because WWE can be so split on who they play/pander to. This is one of the times they’re the “every man” (in my opinion). The “every man” doesn’t care about the environment, right? He doesn’t care about hemp or recyclables. He sure as heck doesn’t like vegans! Even though all those things are actually very positive things to be, WWE turns it up to 11 and makes it preachy and annoying because most people have experienced someone who is so over the top about subjects like this that it’s annoying more than it’s helpful to the cause they’re promoting. When CM Punk was around they did the same thing with his Straight Edge gimmick, even though being straight edge is actually a good thing to be.

Why doesn't WWE Main Event feature a women's match very often other than a rare match featuring the likes of Alicia Fox, Mickie James or Dana Brooke because back during the Divas Era it wasn't uncommon for either WWE Main Event or WWE Superstars to feature an occasional women's match?

This is an interesting question and I can only guess at the reason why women haven’t been featured as much on Main Event. The only thing I can really think of is how full the roster is. Even though both the men’s and the women’s roster are jam packed right now, I feel like the Men’s roster is just overflowing with talent right now and they choose to handle that overflow by putting them on Main Event. It’s possible that once the Women’s Tag Team Championship is established there is a chance we start to get more women’s tag team matches. I’m sure that more women’s matches on Main Event would be a good thing because it would allow women who aren’t circling the main event to still “get some reps in” as it were. The best way to learn and grow is through action and repetition. It’s hard to grow a division with women who aren’t getting as much practice as they need.

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