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Ask WNW: Reigns Using The Spear, Who Will Retire The Undertaker, NXT Or Main Roster, Predictable Main Event

Do you think the Fast Lane Main Event match is too predictable? It seems likely the Wyatt Family will take out Brock Lesnar and Roman will go on to face Triple H.

It does seem fairly obvious this will be the outcome of Fast Lane. That said, anything is possible in the WWE. I have been fairly outspoken about WWE always taking the predictable route in last several months. The important thing is to just enjoy the match. I’ve learned that despite the predictability, you can still enjoy a match for what it is. There are a lot of people who are quick to complain about the setup, but, in the end, I think most people want to see Bray Wyatt vs Brock Lesnar. If this is the way that they get there, so be it. Fast Lane is just a pit stop on the way to WrestleMania, as long as the WrestleMania content is good, I’m ok with Fast Lane being average and predictable.

Who do you think will retire The Undertaker?

You know I’m not sure we will see anyone retire The Undertaker. It is very possible he wins his last match and rides off into the sunset. Which he has absolutely earned. I will say that Mark is a guy who would want to put someone over on his way out if the right guy was there. It would be absolutely monumental for someone’s career to do so. I would want it to be someone who gets a boost for doing the deed; not someone like Triple H, John Cena, or Brock Lesnar. It would be amazing to see someone like Finn Balor or Kevin Owens get the torch passed to them. It has to be the right person if they do decide to have someone officially end The Undertaker. The draw for that match would be absolutely tremendous.

What determines where a new WWE signee will be placed? For example, why does AJ Styles go straight to the main roster and a guy like Samoa Joe start in NXT?

It mostly comes down to Triple H and Vince McMahon as you’d probably guess. There is also a right time right place factor. Most guys are getting funneled right into NXT so they can get trained in the “WWE way.” AJ Styles was put up on the main roster because there was a ton of hype about him coming to WWE which happened to line up with the Royal Rumble. It also depends on what is happening on the main roster. If the main roster feels overly crowded, or it is WrestleMania season and all the storyline are considered “big angles” then it is less likely there will be call-ups. I bet we will see at least 3 big main roster call-ups the month following WrestleMania this year.

Should Reigns continue using the spear? I mean I get it a guy his built it would be appropriate and it’s a move outta nowhere and WWE is pushing him as their top guy but I kinda like Edge a lot and I think Spear is so much associated with him like his second image. I know a lot more people use it as their finisher but to me, a wrestler should have a finisher of his own, like an identity. Say for example Shawn Michaels and his Sweet Chin music, Triple-H and Pedigree, Randy Orton and his RKO. Reigns with spear well it isn’t exactly unique and I think he should use a Powerbomb type move not exactly like a Batista Bomb but a different variation perhaps. I mean Kevin Owens uses Pump up Powerbomb so there are different ways of pulling it off few years ago Jack Swagger used use Gut wrench Powerbomb. What do you think?

Absolutely Reigns should continue using the spear. The question shouldn’t be how unique is a wrestlers move but how effectively does it seem and how well does it go over with the crowd. You have to remember that the reason you associate certain moves with certain wrestlers is because they did such a great job with that move. Edge did a great job with the spear, but others before him used it, too. What if Edge had never used the spear because Goldberg or Rhyno used it first? Shawn Michaels had Sweet Chin Music, but he wasn’t the first to do the Superkick. Just look at the Chokeslam, there are tons of guys who use it, to the point where it has really stopped being used as a finisher. Randy Orton’s RKO is just a jumping Diamond Cutter. In fact, Seth Rollins went from the very unique Curb Stomp to Triple H’s pedigree. I will say it is common courtesy to ask another wrestler who is well known for a finisher if it is ok to use said finisher. For example, if someone wanted to use say the Pop-Up Powerbomb they would go to Owens and ask him since it is his move. Same if someone wanted to use the AA, they’d ask John Cena. (Not that WWE would ever allow that.) It isn’t about being original because that’s very difficult in this era, but it’s about making a move your own.

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