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Back during the Divas Era, it was very common to see Halloween costume contests as well as Santa's Little Helpers matches, but do you think those matches have been retired for good? Also, during that time, it was also very common for some episodes of RAW, SmackDown and the PPVs to not have a women's match but how would the fans react today if there was no women's match on the show?

Sneaky sneaky you got two questions in one, but I’m more than happy to answer both. It’s hard to say for sure if those kinds of matches are gone for good. WWE seems to be coming to terms with the fact that it’s ok to have women’s wrestlers and “divas” at the same time. With WWE slowly heading towards edgy content again it’s possible those kinds of matches return. It’s not as if the men don’t have similar matches they go through with “Thanksgiving” matches where there is food and whatnot in the ring. The most important thing, though, is that it’s in addition to regular women’s matches, not instead of them. As for your second question, I can tell you there would be backlash from fans if there were no women featured on Raw or Smackdown these days. I can’t remember the specifics, but I know there was a Raw or Smackdown a few months ago that only featured one women’s segment and it was shorter. Even that saw backlash from fans. It’s safe to say that the Women’s Division has become a staple of WWE programming. The Women’s Evolution movement has come so far in such a short time and I’m so glad that it has because the women have produced some of the best content. Just look at Becky Lynch right now, without the Women’s Evolution we wouldn’t have been introduced to the hottest thing in WWE at the moment.

Do you think New Day will break up soon? Which member should get a main event push?

Another double question! It’s cool, this will be a bonus edition of Ask WNW. Honestly, I though New Day would have broken up a long time ago. Not that they aren’t successful or entertaining, but because WWE doesn’t leave Tag Team or factions together for this long almost ever and certainly not in the last 10 years or so. Will they break up soon? I haven’t heard anything about New Day breaking up, but I suppose it’s always possible it could happen at any time. Unless they’re planning on doing a Triple Threat match at WrestleMania, though, I would say not until at least the Superstar Shakeup. My hope is that if they do put and end to New Day, it’ll be through a Shakeup and not with one member turning on the others like they did with The Shield.

As for which member of the New Day that I’d give a main event push to, it’d be Big E. I think it’s fairly accepted that he’s got all the proper tools and done properly he could easily slip into the WWE title picture. Xavier Woods is extremely talented, and I absolutely think he COULD be a WWE Champion, but I think it’ll be an easier climb for Big E than it would be for Woods. As for Kofi Kingston, he also has all the tools to be a World Champion, but he would need a solid storyline to get him there. In his singles career Kofi never got past the midcard, which is a real shame, but because he’s never been booked above that stage he would need some solid booking, but I do think it’d be possible.

Do you think that adding a Women’s Tag Team Championship makes for too many titles in WWE?

I understand your logic on this, too many titles can start to devalue the titles your currently have. However, the Women’s Division should be treated as its own entity separate from the Men’s division. If you look at it that way, the Women’s Division only had two championships, the Raw and Smackdown World Champions. Adding a Tag Team title was a good way to enhance the division. It’s also a good move to do Tag Team title because it allows for more opportunities within the division. If they added a secondary singles title, it only allows for 2 more wrestlers to get spotlight opportunities (the champion and the challenger). However, by going with Tag Team titles it allows for 4 women to get the spotlight. I love that they’re expanding the Women’s Division and it’ll be nice to see some of the women who are talented but possibly pushed off to the side when they’re not challenging for the World title get some spotlight. Nia Jax and Tamina, Bayley and Sasha, The Riott Squad (using Freebird rules) Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. The possibilities are exciting and I’m hopefully that WWE keeps the new titles relevant long after debuting.

Do you think Braun Strowman has been “lost in the shuffle” so to speak?

The issue with having a champion like Brock Lesnar for so long is that it bottlenecks the opportunities at the top. While Braun has floated in and out of the top of the card, there are only so many chances you’ll get at Brock Lesnar and those chances are chances are few and far between. Lesnar usually only wrestles one out of every 2-3 PPVs. That means the guys at the top of the card only get one shot at him before they move to the next person. What ends up happening is it kind of pushes all the opportunities down a bit. Guys who should be floating in and out of the title picture are left stranded a bit. They can either challenge for the only consistent title on TV, the Intercontinental Championship, or they can end up in a feud that’s towards the top of the card but not involving a title. The problem is there are less opportunities which means some guys, like Braun, can end up just floating around without purpose. WWE has shown that they understand Braun is a big draw and has what it takes to be the champ, they just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Braun tends to go from at the top of the card, to floating in the midcard, then right back to the top, and repeat. My concern is that we are getting closer to WrestleMania and right now they seem to be back to having Braun be in the midcard again feuding with Drew McIntyre and/or Baron Corbin. Not that either of those guys aren’t solid opponents, but Braun got a lackluster, but memorable, match last year at WrestleMania when he teamed with Nicholas to win the Tag Titles. As a fan of Braun I am hoping that Strowman gets a better/more serious match this year.

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