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Would you be upset if the Raw Women’s Championship match didn’t go on last? I think it should because it’s their best chance to go on last, but I personally have given up hope on the whole thing ending well. It’s been overbooked and has cooled down to me. Am I wrong for feeling that way?

This is an excellent question. It’s so funny, if you had asked me this question 3-4 weeks ago I would have told you the Women’s match should 100% go on last, absolutely! However, WWE has overbooked this like storyline crazy instead of letting it feel more organic. Not only was it overbooked, but there were some very questionable booking decisions in there as well. One week, Vince suspends Becky because he doesn’t like her attitude, the next week Ronda begs Steph to put Becky in the match and Steph tells her there’s nothing she can do, then the following week Steph is able to just reverse the arrest and suspension no problem as if it never happened? Then to top it all off they put Becky in a #1 contender match to see if she can earn her way into the championship match even though she won the Royal Rumble and Charlotte was handed to opportunity? It lacks logic so badly that it’s actually made people cool off on the whole thing. Becky was the absolute hottest thing in WWE and instead of capitalizing on it, they shuffled her on and off TV and haven't had her wrestling on TV once since the Royal Rumble. Meanwhile, on Smackdown Kofi Kingston came out of NO WHERE with a huge push, due to massive fan support, and became the perfect babyface underdog everyone is rallying behind. It’s not to say people aren’t still doing it for Becky, but, man, WWE tried to manufacture something for Becky that she was already creating organically, and it did not work. I agree with you, I still think that the Women should go on last because the Becky, Charlotte, Ronda storyline is a very hot storyline and if Kofi hadn’t come along it’d easily be the favorite for the Main Event spot. It’s also possibly the best chance they’ll ever have at earning the main event spot because a superstar like Becky comes along once in a lifetime. However, it’s not as much of a no brainer as it was this time last month.

I guess the new trend in WWE these days is "Who can enter the Hall of Fame more than once?"

I made a similar joke when I heard Booker T and Shawn Michaels would both be going into the WWE Hall of Fame a second time this year. It’s funny because for a while there were no double HOF inductees and suddenly we’re going to have three (when you include Ric Flair). However, it does make sense within the WWE Universe. Wrestling isn’t just individuals. It makes sense to induct tag teams and factions. Being inducted twice is a reflection of the career certain great superstars have had. So far there aren’t any teams or factions that have been inducted where I feel like it was done just for publicity or just so they can induct someone twice on purpose. If they were to induct, say, John Cena and Shawn Michaels because they won the Tag Team titles together ONCE, I wouldn’t be ok with it. However, The Four Horsemen, Degeneration X and Harleem Heat are all legitimate teams/factions that deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.

Since Alexa Bliss is hosting WrestleMania this year, is there a chance she injects herself into the Triple Threat Raw Women’s Championship match making it a Fatal Four Way and then pins Becky lynch becoming the new Raw Women’s Champion? Leaving Ronda, Charlotte and Becky free to of the title picture to start the four horsewomen storyline?

I would say it’s highly unlikely. We’ve heard that Alexa Bliss is not injured and is cleared to wrestle. However, it seems that WWE thought she would be better utilized on the mic and in filler segments throughout the show at WrestleMania. I do feel like it is a bit of a waste of her talents, however, it’s not the first time WWE has done this. Remember, a few years back New Day hosted WrestleMania and didn’t end up wrestling at all that night. I don’t think WrestleMania needs a “host” but I can see why they’d want to use a charismatic superstar to do so because anyone who wasn’t in WWE and hosted would likely be eaten alive by the crowd. The WWE Universe isn’t much of a fan of non-wrestling celebrities. Back to Alexa inserting herself into the Raw Women’s Championship match. As mentioned above, that match has been overbooked to the point of audience exhaustion. If WWE were to throw ANOTHER log on the fire it would backfire, and the fans would turn on it. That’s the last thing they want.

Why is Mustafa Ali in WWE title matches? Yet Rusev and Nakamura are losing on the pre-show.

As far as I’m aware the reason that WWE decided to pull Mustafa up from 205 Live, onto Smackdown, and into the main event picture is because they realized they needed a fresh, younger babyface. If you look at the Smackdown main event scene there are very few babyfaces and even fewer that are under the age of 35. Bryan is 37, AJ Styles is 41, Miz is 38, Orton is 38, Kofi is 37, Truth is 47, Samoa Joe is 39, Jeff Hardy is 41, and Rey Mysterio is 44. WWE realized they need to start grooming the next generation of workers and they made the decision to pull up Mustafa because of how well he’s able to engage the crowd. This is also why the NXT workers got called up early and haven’t been assigned a brand yet. Expect, at very least, to see Ricochet, Black, and Gargano to be pushed hard after WrestleMania. Of course Ciampa will also be pushed hard when he returns, as well.

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