Ask WNW: Lack Of Title Changes At Roadblock, Wrestlers Wearing Masks, Titus O'Neil Suspension A Work, Rating Reigns And Ambrose

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While Roadblock was a good show, do you not think WWE is missing a trick by not having any titles change hands on these network specials?

I’m actually pretty surprised that WWE didn’t have a single title change hands at Road Block. WWE is known for using title changes as a way to draw people into these events. Usually, when there is a new show, a post-show network exclusive, or if a show changes networks, the company will have a title exchange hands to show that “anything can happen” during these events. If fans think a title might actually change hands during any of these events, they’re more likely to tune in. I don’t know if it’s because they feel like WrestleMania will drive Networks subscriptions on their own, or if Roadblock was just thrown together lazily, but it certainly seemed to disappoint most fans.

Should superstars wear masks?

Superstars usually don’t wear masks unless they have a Lucha background. In fact, it seems like the American version of wearing a mask is having your face painted in a mask like with Sting, Goldust, Stardust, Finn Balor, and Jeff Hardy. It’s entirely up to a wrestler if they want to wear a mask. I’m sure it’s up to creative and Vince McMahon, too, but for the most part, most wrestlers don’t want to wear a mask. There are some who do choose to wear a mask for privacy or for extra merchandise sales, and I can respect that.

Even with all the attention in the mainstream news do you think the Titus O'Neil suspension can still be a work and lead to him coming back as one of the top heels in the company and a big push going forward.

I don’t think Titus O’Neil’s suspension was a work. Anything is possible in the WWE, but it just doesn’t make any sense. Why would they remove a worker from WrestleMania when talent is already thin due to injuries. Also, with Titus putting his hands on Vince, it would make more sense for Titus to come back as a top babyface rather than a heel. Titus O’Neil’s suspension was absurd and made a lot of people scratch their head, but one thing is for sure, Vince has a “don’t cross the boss” mentality. When Titus returns it’s likely he will go straight to the dog house. It’s sad because he is an extremely talented worker and he’ll be wasted.

If asked to rate Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose on a scale of 10 on different wrestling attributes like mic skills, in ring skills, etc., how would you rate them on the different attributes which a top wrestler should have?

This is an interesting question and usually, I don’t love to do rankings and things of that nature but I wanted to sport this question for a few reasons. First, I think that right now Roman Reigns is in a spot that Dean Ambrose should be in at WrestleMania. Second, I think people hate on Roman unnecessarily BECAUSE he’s in a spot that Dean should be in. Finally, because I think people overanalyze a lot of things wrestlers need.

There are three main things a wrestler needs to be successful that they can control. Look, mic work, and ring work. Their look, to me, doesn’t mean looking like a Greek God. It means how well has a wrestler developed his own standout look; have you made the best of your appearance? Mic work is how well can you cut a promo and work the crowd. Ring work is how well do you wrestle a match and can you tell a story with your wrestling ability.

Roman Reigns

Look- 9. Roman has a very strong look. He is a big, bad Samoan. The perfect mix of intimidating and good looking. He wears the modified look from his days in The Shield. His attire is unique and helps him stand out.

Mic Work- 7. Roman doesn’t have the best mic work, but people are also overly harsh on Roman. Writers are still trying to figure out where Roman’s sweet spot is on the mic and, as a result, he’s had some great promos and some terrible promos. As for raw talent, Roman definitely has it, they just need to figure how to work it right.

Ring Work- 7 ½. This is another area of Reigns where people tend to be overly harsh. I’m going to make a point that I wish everyone understood. Roman Reigns is NOT a technical worker and THAT IS OK! Some guys are technical, some guys are powerhouses, some guys are Lucha style. There are many different styles of wrestling. Judging all wrestlers based on technical skills is going to disappoint you very quickly. Yes, Roman has room to develop and grow. That said, he’s a great smashmouth style wrestler. Roman is a guy who doesn’t wrestle as much as beat people up and that’s good, too! And for those who complain that he “only does like 4 moves!” Yeah, that’s WWE’s style, get over it.

Average: 8/10

Dean Ambrose

Look- 8. Dean has developed his own look after The Shield split. The lunatic fringe has certainly come into his own as a character and his look has followed. Dean wears the jeans and tank top to the ring but tends to wear a leather jacket or hoodie when he’s not wrestling. The look fits his character. He may not be the biggest or buffest guy on the roster, but his attitude and lunatic style make that irrelevant.

Mic Work- 10. You know I was reluctant to give Ambrose the 10 for mic work. I don’t like giving 10s because it means that there is nowhere left to go, and I think people can always get better. That said, I tried to think about reasons why Dean wouldn’t get a 10/10 and I really couldn’t. Dean is a guy who can hold his own against Paul Heyman and I think that’s pretty telling. Ambrose can cut a promo alone or work against someone and come off great either way. Again, he mixes his own personal style into the promos he cuts and it always comes off beautifully. 

Ring Work- 9. I was floating between 8 or 9 for in ring work. Ambrose has very solid in-ring abilities, but for the same reason I don’t like giving 10s, I’m also reluctant to give 9s. What boosted Ambrose from an 8 to a 9 in my book is his ability to tell a great story through his wrestling. His skills in the ring are good, but his storytelling is great. That is what sets good wrestlers apart from great wrestlers, and Dean Ambrose is a great wrestler.

Average: 9/10

So, in the end, Ambrose beats out Roman, but I think Ambrose is really in the groove of his character and Roman is still discovering his.

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