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Ask WNW: Breaking Up New Day, Stubbornness In Pushing Ziggler, Superstar Overkill At WrestleMania, Non-Stipulation WrestleMania Matches

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How would you break up the New Day? I would do it in a way that pushes Kofi Kingston.

Oh man that’s a tough one! Mostly because I don’t want to see New Day ever break up. They’re too entertaining! This is how I felt about The Shield, too. If I had to book it I would break up New Day by having Big E turn on Woods and Kingston. Big E is the most likely to be the breakout star of the group. As much as I’d love Kofi to get the rub as well, it’s more likely that Big E will go on to become the more successful one. I don’t know where that leaves Kofi and Xavier, but I don’t think they’ll do poorly on their own either. All three men are extremely talented and entertaining. They’ve shown the world what a little bit of character freedom can do for wrestlers.

With so many of their headliners injured, why is WWE still not taking a chance on Ziggler? He's stuck in a match with 6 other people, and I'm not sure how sure how much value he is adding to that match.

I really can’t tell you why WWE is so reluctant to push Ziggler or a bunch of their other talented guys who are stuck in no-man’s land. My only answer is that it’s WrestleMania season and they’re pulling out all the “big guns.” Guys like Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, etc etc. This leaves less room at the top for right now. Hopefully after WrestleMania once all the part-timers go away we’ll see a surge of guys getting pushed up the card. It would also help to have two world championships again, but that’s a whole other issue entirely. To be fair, Ziggler isn’t in a bad spot right now. I can honestly say, even though he didn’t win, Triple H wrestling Ziggler (and nearly losing) was a huge tip of the hat to Dolph. Being in the ladder match is better than not being on the card or being in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

During Raw you asked the question, “Are we looking forward to Wrestlemania?” And for the first time ever, my answer is no, but for this reason: 11 matches, 61 competitors... Is that not overkill? I'm cool with the lack of build but surely focus on those few matches and really steal the show, my fear is that it will be ruined by the overkill as much as I love to see many of the fringe players.

Jeez, I had no idea until you pointed it out just how many people were on the card this year. I went in and added it up and it’s actually 71 competitors now. 71 people is definitely overkill, I have to admit. Even if you take the 30 man battle royal out, that’s still 41 wrestlers on one card. I think it’s a case of Vince and WWE wanting to reward the wrestlers by letting everyone be on the card at WrestleMania. That’s a really nice sentiment, but it does start to bog down the card. There is a 7-man tag team match, a 10-diva tag team match, a 30-man battle royal, a 7-man ladder match. It does start to feel like too much when you think about it. WrestleMania is supposed to be the “showcase of the immortals” and unfortunately, not everyone can be an immortal. They definitely need to do some trimming. My guess would be that with all the injuries this year, they decided it was best to throw everyone out that they could to get the fans to tune in.

With there being talk on a No DQ stipulation being added to the HHH and Roman Reigns match, my question is are the days of normal 1v1 match at Wrestlemania over?
No, not at all. I would blame all the stipulations this year on injuries. The amount of injured wrestlers is at an all time high and WWE’s way of balancing out for the lack of performers is to throw in big stipulations. I’m actually not a fan of the No DQ stipulation being added to the Triple H/Roman Reigns match. At this point remember it’s just a rumor, nothing has been confirmed. If they do decide to make the match a No DQ match I think it will detract from the Brock Lesnar/Dean Ambrose No Holds Barred match as they are pretty much the same match with different names. We’re far from never seeing normal 1 on 1 matches at WrestleMania, WWE is just in a bit of a panic due to the shortage of talent right now.

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