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Ask WNW: Maryse, Wrestler Names, WWE Releases To TNA, The Wyatt's Return, Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 and more!

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Could you see Maryse return to active competition?

It’s possible, but honestly, I doubt it. The direction the Women’s division is headed more towards athletic women rather than models who wrestle. That’s not to say Maryse isn’t athletic, but she’s certainly not at the level of Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Paige, etc. Not to mention all the talented NXT women. I also very much enjoy her in her role of manager and think there’s no reason to take her out of a role she’s already great in and put her into a role she’s average in. That’s not to say she couldn’t compete in a mixed tag match here and there, but as far as a full-time return to the ring, I’d say most likely, no.

WWE used to change the names of former indie/NJPW/TNA stars like Daniel Bryan and Finn Balor, but now AJ Styles, Austin Aries, and others are keeping their ring names. Is there a reason for the change in the philosophy?

I’ve noticed that as well. There could be any number of reasons WWE did this with some of their newer talents. I have two guesses and to be honest both could be true. First, WWE wanted to capitalize on guys that are truly successful outside WWE. Guys like AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Austin Aries, and Samoa Joe have all made large enough names for themselves that WWE wanted to bring them in as their indy names. That way, when headlines ran, people would know exactly who the wrestler was. The second reason is just as likely because of what we know about McMahon and what happened with New Japan. I think that when WWE poached some of their biggest names from New Japan they wanted to leave the wrestler’s names as is to rub salt in the wounds of NJPW.

With the recent WWE releases is it safe to say that TNA will do what they always do and sign a few of these wrestlers?

I do think we will see TNA do everything possible to sign some of the WWE releases. With that said, I don’t know how much TNA has to offer anymore. We’ve been saying for years that TNA was spiraling downward and it’s very possible they’re going to crash into the ground any day now. I think we’re more likely to see wrestlers depart to Ring of Honor or New Japan. Honestly, I think after the poaching that WWE did to NJPW, it’s likely we’ll see New Japan grab a few of WWE’s recently departed wrestlers in exchange. Three names I see likely heading to NJPW are Ryback, Alex Riley, and Damien Sandow. I don’t know anything official, this is purely speculation. Seems like a smart path to take, though, if WWE is keeping an eye on New Japan for wrestlers to steal. Leave WWE, go to New Japan, hopefully, rise to the top where they get an offer to return to WWE. Luke Gallows did it and he’s getting way more respect now than he ever did before from WWE.

This may seem like a joke question but I think the Brooklyn Brawler deserves to be in the Hall of Fame do you? He was the first match in many wrestlers careers he has been a steady employee beat Triple H. Even though he was a lifelong jobber doesn't he deserve a WrestleMania Hall of Fame moment?

I would totally be for the Brooklyn Brawler making it into the Hall of Fame. He is a guy who most hardcore fans know. I’m not saying he’d be the headliner, but he is worthy of a ring. Especially with him being released this year, it’d be nice if he got a “thank you” on the way out so to speak. He was employed by WWE for over 30 years and deserves the recognition. He has been a WWE loyalist through his career and worked not only as a wrestler but behind the scenes as a road agent. Will WWE actually do it? We’ll have to wait and see, but they should.

Why is the WWE releasing main roster talents lately? I thought that Triple H was against the idea of mass releases. And is it true that talents with family connections such as Stardust and Roman Reigns are spared from being released?

With the hype of the WWE Network dying down and less “eyes” on the company, I think it’s likely that WWE just decided that with so many new talents coming in, that some had to go out, too. I don’t think family connections have any real saving grace for wrestlers. Remember that Goldust has left and returned to the company FIVE times. Deuce of Deuce and Domino from around 2007 was Jimmy Snuka’s son (and Tamina’s sister). Ted DiBiase jr was...well that one is obvious. Blood relation doesn’t do much to save your career. Cody Rhodes is a tremendous talent who can turn terrible gimmicks into gold so I don’t think he’s in much danger, but then again so was Damien Sandow. As for Roman Reigns, I think it’s his WWE Championship that’s keeping him from getting released more than his blood status! LOL

Do you think Wyatt and the Family will still be faces when they come back? They just made the turn and I think this could be the big break they needed?

I think they will return as faces and, not they need the extra boost, will return to a huge pop. If WWE puts in an ounce of creativity the return of the Wyatt’s will blow the roof off the building. They haven’t been gone long, but with WWE in desperate need of top stars right now, the general love for Bray Wyatt and the desire from fans for more from him will mix together and could make him a megastar. It’s a shame that Bray doesn’t have a Money in the Bank contract right now because if he did he’d be the perfect guy to take the title off Roman if they wanted to take the title off him before doing Shield vs. Bullet Club. Not that they can’t do that anyway, but it’d be a more logical move from a booking standpoint.

Do you see Undertaker returning anytime soon and who will he face at WrestleMania 33? I’m hoping for John Cena.
I don’t see Undertaker returning again until MAYBE WrestleMania 33. I don’t think Vince will even try to ask Undertaker about returning to the ring again until WrestleMania season. As reported here, Undertaker is saying he’s hanging up his boots. This isn’t the first time Undertaker has claimed this after a WrestleMania, though, and Vince is convinced he can talk Taker into one more WrestleMania. It definitely seems like John Cena is the guy that Vince has in mind, one last legend for Undertaker. I, however, still have hope that it’ll be Sting. Sting could come out of retirement for one last match. The ultimate showdown between two Icons of the business, with both riding off into the sunset together after the match. I’d love that. Realistically, it’ll probably be Cena.

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