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Welcome everyone back to this week's ASK WNW!

The heat that WWE has received for having Roman Reigns in constant WWE Title Matches, couldn’t the same argument be made the same for Charlotte Flair?

One word and that’s NO, however, the heat that Roman gets is due to fans wanting to see something different. Now going on four years, it’s just not working and that’s where the disconnect with the fans come into play. When something does work, you can roll with it for a few years and give it a little tweak, but if not, you get the Roman treatment.

Since SummerSlam is around the corner, who would be best fitted as a call-up from NXT?

The call-up question is challenging because it isn’t necessarily on who is ready, but rather who Vince wants to be called up. To answer your question, I think Black, Dream, and Sullivan would be the picks. That being said, you could also bring up the entire Undisputed Era, Gargano, Ciampa, and even Matt Riddle.

With the recent news of WWE signing Matt Riddle, and him being pro-marijuana, has WWE eased up on their Wellness Policy?

With weed and WWE, it has always something they have stayed back from. With the legalization of it in some states and the view society has on it today, they have lessened back on it. In regards to Matt Riddle and us breaking the story, this was done to keep him away from other companies and wanting to sign him.

What are your thoughts on social media within the wrestling business and talent themselves?

I am guessing this question is due to some recently discovered tweets from years ago so I will answer it in two folds.

First of all, while I am not condemning any derogatory comments and while one’s humor may be stupid, insensitive, and immature, I think we as a society need to take a better look at context prior to calling for someone’s job or worse. Athletes and entertainers in the public eye do an awful job of posting things that should have never been said. They do even a worse job of ‘bleaching’ social media activity before becoming a public figure. Look at the NFL talent that have lost millions for making comments from their teen years and not thinking to clear their accounts from something that could possibly harm their careers. The fact of the matter is that someone should never type anything that could hurt a person or group of people.

Now as far as social media in the business in general, it has helped WWE get to where it is, and it has been of the biggest factors in growing independent promotions and wrestlers make a living. To me, being able to connect with the fans and promoters from all over the world, it is more good than bad. I don’t know where the Young Bucks would be without social media, but with it they were able to create a multi-million dollar brand unlike anything else before hand. It is great for wrestling fans to interact with each other and it brings them closer to the business.

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