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ASK WNW: Should Hogan Be Back With WWE? Booking The Universal Title At SummerSlam, Is WWE Paying Attention To ALL IN? Cody Rhodes And The Young Buck's Promotion? Daniel Bryan's Contract Status?

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Welcome back everyone to this week's installment of ASK WNW! We took a few weeks off, so why not start the weekend off with some questions you want answered! We will continue our next installment of ASK WNW on next Thursday, July 26th.

Should have WWE let Hulk Hogan come back into their good graces?

WWE makes business decisions in terms of people who sponsor them, or even backlash they receive. They put him back into the WWE Hall of Fame, but they did not put Hogan back into an on-air role. Look, Hogan is arguably the most iconic professional wrestler in the business. I do not feel WWE welcomed him with open arms. They waited until when they thought was an appropriate time to put him back into the Hall of Fame. While WWE had some backlash from some workers by expressing their feelings, and they have every right to in this situation. It isn't our job to say if they should or should not have Hogan back into the Hall of Fame, as this way is a business decision they made.

What would be your booking for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam with the way the story is going at the moment?

This is such a double edge question as the past booking has been a train-wreck, and I'm going to answer the question as it is asked. For starters, there is no win situation with the current booking that makes you say great. The booking is so messed up that at the end of the day, the company has accomplished nothing. During this entire run with Brock, there is no way to pay off Brock. So as the plans lay, I would do a new match and go with Bobby and Brock and I would have it booked like an MMA fight, and have Bobby win definitively. During the process, I would have Bobby turn heel and align himself with Paul Heyman, turning alongside with him. You then would have a new monster heel that could feud with Reigns and Strowman down the line. However, the direction I feel WWE is going is to have Reigns defeat Lesnar, and then have Strowman cash in his Money in the Bank Briefcase and win to send the crowd home happy.

With ALL IN coming in September, exactly how close is WWE paying attention to the show?
When Matt and Nick Jackson, alongside with Cody Rhodes, put together ALL IN, WWE's eyes were opened by the success as well as the ticket sales. Though, things have been much different the past 45 days with WWE handling it. Normally, they would try to sign talent to hurt a show just as this, however, this is different. WWE is trying to play nice with the Young Bucks as they want to sign them when their deals are up. One of the signs of this was when WWE promoted the E3 video game competition between the New Day and the Elite, going as far as promoting the event on their website. Now this will not be the same situation when ROH and New Japan run MSG during WrestleMania weekend. WWE will try to take as many talent as they possibly can, legally. WWE is paying more attention to the television executives that may be at ALL IN.

If ALL IN is an actual success with their show, what are the possibilities that Cody and The Young Bucks make their own promotion to compete alongside with the WWE?

I will answer this to the best of my knowledge and information that I have. Cody and the Bucks would not be the people to launch a new company, per say. I can confirm that high television executives will be at ALL IN. What opened so many eyes was not just the success of ALL IN, but the new television deals WWE has been making. The likelihood that we could see someone launching a new company with the Elite being their cornerstone is pretty high, but there are some hiccups that could harm this and it is all centered around timing. For those who follow WNW Premium know that I have gone over in great length and time of expiring contracts over the last few months. Why is this important? Well, for anyone to jump in and launch a company, they are going to need top draws in the world, outside of WWE. The top draw on any show is the Young Bucks, this is not an opinion, this is simply a fact over the last two years. While a guy like Cody Rhodes or Kenny Omega may be a bigger star or sought after to see on a show, the fact of the matter is those guys are working for two companies, while the Bucks are working for multiple companies. So to go back to the launch of a new company, they would not only have to lock up the Jackson's, they would have to have all their ducks lined up in a row with everything complete for launch by the end of the year. With the expiring deals of the Bucks and the open check book that WWE is willing to throw at them, it would be hard for a new company to give them those assurances if it had not launched with a TV deal in place. I think one name to pay special attention to is Mark Cuban, who owns AXS TV and at one point was interested in buying a large share of NJPW, and he has become a huge fan of what we like to call today's professional wrestling. He even offered to air ALL IN on AXS, however due to commercials and the way Cody wants to present the wrestling, the offer was declined, but the two sides are still discussing airing it on some form on the network. From what I am being told, Cuban is not the only one with his hand in the cookie jar. Look, Cody grew up in this business and was a sponge around his father. He also has a few other projects coming up. Short answer, yes their could be another wrestling company brewing, but the timing has to be right and to get down is yet to be determined.

I have heard mixed reports on the resigning of Daniel Bryan. Thomas Fenton and Dave Meltzer said he has not signed yet, and some other sites have said he has signed on Tuesday. What is the status?

The status of Daniel Bryan is the same as it was before and he has not signed. Please refer to this link ( that breaks down the entire situation as of Thursday, July 19th.

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