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Ask WNW: Kevin Owens Future, Shane McMahon's Role in WWE, Shield Reunion, Where is Samoa Joe?

Kevin Owens

What is the future of Kevin Owens? Is he really going to Monday Night Raw after Hell in a Cell?

It certainly looks like a real possibility right now. Owens is advertised for tonight’s Raw after Hell in a Cell and I’m curious if that was to throw people off or if he really will show up on Raw. After his big win last night, is he looking to take over another brand? Here is what we do know. Kevin beat Shane McMahon at Hell in a Cell last night (with a little help from his friend). The plans as of last week were to do a Kevin Owens/Triple H rivalry around Survivor Series. Finally, that Owens has the heavy support of Triple H and now also Vince McMahon. Owens doesn’t seem to have a glass ceiling to stop him right now. Vince used to be sour on KO because of his weight, with rumors he was moved to Smackdown and told to “change his look” because of how Vince felt. We could never confirm that here, but the rumors did swirl. However, this obviously has changed in the last few months, if that was the case at all. Vince absolutely loved the segment he and Owens had on Smackdown. As we all know, Vince is a bit of a nutter, how many people can say their boss was thrilled to be headbutted so hard they were busted open. As we all know, though, WWE can be its own world. Look for Owens to become one of the most prominent storylines over the next few months. My hope is that it will propel Owens to the top and keep him there.

Does Shane McMahon have any backstage responsibilities or is he just solely an on-screen talent?

Officially Shane is only an on-screen talent. However, his last name is McMahon and that counts for a lot backstage. Shane has a ton of stroke backstage and say as to what happens in his personal storylines, but also what’s happening on Smackdown. As we reported when Shane first re-appeared in WWE, Stephanie and Triple H weren’t happy about Shane deciding to return to WWE because before he did, the company was going to be theirs to take when Vince steps down (or when he dies, I’m still not convinced he’ll ever actually retire). When Shane returned, it threw a wrench in the plans. It’s likely Vince will keep to that plan, but he also likes to pit people against each other, especially if he thinks they are complacent. This was his way of getting the best out of both Steph (and HHH) and Shane. It’s interesting to note that while Shane has remained prominent on-screen, both Steph and Triple H have faded off television and returned to their roles behind the scenes. Shane is an extremely savvy businessman, though, so don’t count him out of the running. As they say, when it comes to WWE anything can happen.

Is The Shield reunion really happening? If so, as a face or heel faction? Short or Long term? 

A full Shield reunion looks like it’ll be happening soon. I can’t confirm a date, but it’s interesting to note that tonight Raw will be in the same city that The Shield debuted AND broke up. It’d be a nice touch to have them re-unite in the same city. They are going to be a face faction, which isn’t surprising. Fans may not see Roman as a face but WWE creative does. Not to mention Rollins and Ambrose are faces. I see this being done for a few reasons. First, putting The Shield back together will be a last effort to get Roman over as a face. Personally, I’d love for Roman to eventually turn on The Shield for an epic, and long overdue, heel turn. Second, WWE wants to do something to boost their ratings now that it’s once again Monday Night Football time. The Shield will definitely help to keep the ratings strong. Obviously, the first team The Shield is set to face is The Miz & The Bar. It was felt this would be more believable as a threat than The Miztourage. There is also talk of having Finn Balor align with The Club to form The Balor Club, as heels, to face The Shield. I can’t see the re-union lasting more than a few months, but there isn’t a time table as of this writing.

Where is Samoa Joe?

Joe suffered a knee injury roughly a month ago and has been out as result. He also took advantage of the time off to have nasal surgery to fix a breathing problem he had. Here is a quote from an interview he did with Sky Sports.

Now it’s the best I’ve ever felt, it really is. I also needed nasal surgery as I’ve broken my nose about eight times in my career, so I was only breathing at around 60 percent. You have no idea how invigorating it is now.

It’s expected Joe will return towards the end of this month. However, we all know WWE Superstars tend to return sooner rather than later so that time frame is only penciled in. A Finn Balor/Samoa Joe rival has been talked about, then scrapped several times since before last WrestleMania, so there is a chance we’ll see that. That’s just speculation on my part, though, nothing official.

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