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Ask WNW- Lesnar Retaining At WrestleMania? Cena And Undertaker Years Too Late? Repackaging Bray Wyatt, Uso's On WrestleMania

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Is there any chance that WWE surprises us and keeps the Universal Championship on Brock Lesnar?

They old saying in the wrestling business is to never say never. My gut feeling is that we won't be seeing Brock retain at WrestleMania. WWE is too hellbent on Roman Reigns defeating Lesnar, three years in the making. WWE is still trying to get a new deal settled with Brock, as his contract is expiring soon after WrestleMania. If a deal is made, then there could be a possible scenario where Brock does walk out of WrestleMania as Universal Champion.

Do you think Cena vs Undertaker is years too late?

I compare this question to the question of a match with Sting and Undertaker being too late. While I don't think this match is too late, but I know the pace of the match won't be as good like it would have been 5 years ago. Cena and Undertaker aren't getting any younger. I worry mostly about Taker, because the past couple of years have been rough on him. To me, his last best WrestleMania match was against CM Punk, everything else has gone downhill. Though I know the match quality won't be the best, but a Undertaker vs John Cena Mania match is a spectacle to see.

Do you think WWE will finally put the Uso's on the main card of WrestleMania this year?

I sure hope so. The Uso's have completely proved why they deserve to be at WrestleMania. The work they have put in on the mic, and in the ring within the past two years has been incredible. They have also brought it in the story line of them not being at a WrestleMania yet, so I assume we will be seeing the Uso's at the grandest stage of them all this year.

Is WWE going to repackage Bray Wyatt?

After the Ultimate Deletion, it seems that we are going to witness a repackaged Bray Wyatt soon. Bray was summoned into the Lake of Reincarnation at the Hardy Compound, and was no where to be found. The character of Bray Wyatt has been damaged to the point of no return, in my opinion. He never wins any matches, and WWE has no faith in him at all. They might as well have kept him as Husky Harris from his NXT days. If we do see Wyatt come back repackaged, WWE needs to be serious and get behind him, and to not make him look like a fool.

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