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ASK WNW: Miz In The WWE Title Picture? Could FOX Cancel Smackdown? Tag Team Division Losing Steam? Is CM Punk All In?

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After having a two month hiatus, we are happy to bring back ASK WNW! Shall we get straight into the questions?

Will The Miz be set for another WWE Championship run?

The Miz has been positioned to be one of WWE's top heels. With that being said, WWE could go in either direction. They could give him a monster push with the WWE Championship as he is a pretty mainstream star of that caliber. Miz does a lot of WWE's media and press conferences. Whether or not WWE wants to go in that direction with The Miz at this current time is unknown.

Since WWE has signed a deal with FOX, is there a chance that FOX could cancel Smackdown if ratings are not what they desire?

With WWE Smackdown signing a deal with FOX, and going on their main channel, Smackdown would not be at any point canceled. If Smackdown's ratings on Fridays were to dip at a dramatic fashion, after a year or so, FOX could move WWE Smackdown to FS1. Now with WWE signing with FOX, their contract will not change. They are guaranteed their money. So in WWE's mind, it truly does not matter if it goes to FS1 or if it stays on FOX. To capture more eyes, obviously WWE would like for Smackdown to stay on FOX. FOX will do whatever they can to promote Smackdown like running advertisements.

Why has WWE lost faith in the tag team division?

If you read last weeks' WNW premium, we covered that Vince McMahon has on and off again relationship with the tag division. He will go on kicks for 2-4 months where he wants all these tag teams with a lot of tag team wrestling. On the other side of it, there are times where he wants nothing to do with the division. Recently, Vince seems to be on the off kicks with the tag team division, seemingly like he could care less about what's going on.

With his next fight on the horizon, and depending on if he wins or loses, will we possibly see CM Punk at All In?

The hype of having CM Punk at All In has been the headlines of the past few months. With Punk doing one of his first major wrestling appearances with signing autographs and meet and greet associated with All In, it shows the opens the idea of him actually being at All In. Matt and Nick Jackson, The Young Bucks, have commented about Punk being at All In these last few months, only to say that they are good friends and talk about it all the time. However, no deal is reached for him to wrestle at the show. Now if we are talking about CM Punk's UFC deal, his next fight in a few weeks should truly determine his layout and future of the next five years. Punk will have to cash in on himself on the next year, whether that is in professional wrestling or in the octagon.

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