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Ask WNW- Multi Person Matches, Hardy Compound, Carmella Cashing in, WrestleMania 35

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Hello everyone and welcome back to this week’s installment of Ask WNW! If you have a question that you would like answered, leave us a comment down below or on our Facebook Page! 

Why Did WWE start adding multi-person matches at WrestleMania?

Going back some years, WWE did have lots of single bouts. To answer your question, I believe they began with the multi-person matches due to cut the card, and to get everyone on the card at the same time. Though if you look at this year’s Mania, it seems that we’re going to have about 7 hours all together, along with around 10 matches. So cutting time is out of the question, and 10 matches is a lot in my opinion.

What do you think of the Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt match at the Hardy Compound?

I can honestly say I am thrilled to see the Hardy Compound making its WWE debut later today. I loved all the Deletion matches in TNA that Hardy did, and I have high expectations for this. I expect high drama, a retuning Brother Nero, and a cameo of Husky Harris after Wyatt goes in the Lake of Reincarnation. A man can wish, right?

What match would you like to see and think could steal the show at next year’s WrestleMania? 

WWE’s has a deep roster as of late, and it seems like dream matches are endless at this point. If I could choose a show stealer for next year at WrestleMania, it would be Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles. Rollins has resparked his fire that was somewhat blown out when he returned to WWE, but has proved he is the real iron man of the business. Then we have AJ, who has constantly had great matches with everybody, regardless of who it is. If those two went toe to toe at Mania next year, it would be one classic match. How WWE would get to that? I’m not too sure, but I would definitely be up for the ride.

How Long is Carmella allowed to hold the Money in the Bank Breifcase? 

When someone wins the Money in the Bank Match, they have one year from that day to cash in for a title opportunity. Carmella has had her briefcase since June 18th of 2017. That means she has until the 18th of June this year to cash in her Money in the Bank. I’m assuming we see a cash in after WrestleMania, with her successfully winning.

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