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Ask WNW- Professional Wrestling Dying Out, Sasha And Bayley, Cena's WrestleMania Plans, Asuka's First Loss


Welcome back everyone to this week's installment of Ask WNW, where your questions are answered!

Do you feel that professional wrestling is dying out?

Absolutely not, and it probably never will. Wrestling is a weird industry. Look at this industry as a roller coaster, having its ups and downs. Just think, wrestling was huge in the 90's, especially during the infamous Attitude Era, along with the Monday Night Wars. You had two giant companies, looking to beat one another in ratings. Therefore, every week was a must see because you did not know what was going to happen. After Vince bought out WCW, there was no competition. When they had no one to compete with, WWE got lazy with their writing and booking. I feel like from the years of 2004- 2011, wrestling wasn't as popular as it once was. Then CM Punk came along, and changed the game, making it cool to be a wrestling fan. Also, the independent scene is booming. Look at what the Young Bucks and Cody are doing, setting their own show up in September. Then look at New Japan and ROH as a whole, they are growing, and I can see them being competition one day. The wrestling industry is very much alive and thriving.

Is WWE setting up a match between Bayley and Sasha Banks at WrestleMania?

I think we are slowly seeing a Sasha heel turn, and I think it's a great move for WWE. She is a natural heel, and Bayley is a lovable face. This tension between the two have been getting hot as of late, and I could definitely see a match between the two best friends. We've seen matches between them that have been great, and I wouldn't expect anything less if it does happen at the biggest stage of them all.

What are John Cena's WrestleMania Plans?

As far as I know, the plan is still the Undertaker. I wouldn't see why WWE would bring up his name if they weren't confident in Undertaker's return. The match between the two men might be over due, but it would still be a must see at WrestleMania because it has never happened before. I view it as comparison of Taker vs Sting. Everyone would love to see it, but knows the match quality won't be the best.

With it seeming like it will be Asuka vs Alexa Bliss at Wrestlemania, what are the chances of Asuka getting her first loss? 

I would say those chances are slim. I firmly believe that WWE will have Asuka lose her first match against no one other than Ronda Rousey. It makes sense if WWE wants to build Rousey as a complete monster, and can defeat anyone. I would like to see Alexa defeat Asuka, because I'm behind Alexa all the way. She's good on the mic, and her in ring performance is decent. She has worked hard over the past couple of years and does deserve the right to give Asuka her first loss. I would pay more money to see Bliss vs Rousey. Odds are that Asuka remains undefeated until she encounters Rousey.

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