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Ask WNW- Roman Reigns Winning The Chamber, Ronda Rousey Handling Pressure, Velveteen Dream Success

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Hello everyone and welcome back to this week's installment of Ask WNW!

Do you believe having Roman Reigns win the Elimination Chamber was the right thing to do?

At some point, we all have to realize that Roman Reigns is the golden boy for WWE, and we have to accept that. Do I think he should have won the Elimination Chamber? No, I believe Rollins or Strowman should have won it. After all, Rollins had the best performance last week on Raw, and Braun eliminated all other participants in the chamber besides Reigns. The truth hurts, and the truth is Roman is going on to main event WrestleMania a 4th time in a row, and will likely win the WWE Universal Championship.

Do you think Ronda Rousey will be able to handle the pressure of being a WWE Superstar?

Hands down, Ronda is cool and collective when it comes to handling pressure. That's why she stayed on top for so long while she was in the UFC. While I don't agree with her coming over to WWE, I think she will have no problem adjusting to this new career, as she is amazing in everything that she does.

Do you think Velveteen Dream will be a success on the main roster?

Say his name... Velveteen Dream. He is one of the best growing talent in NXT. He oozes out charisma, and I can't to see his career develop. His character is great, and overall a good talent. For the main roster, WWE has to be careful how they handle him. They tend to let the ball drop on guys when they are brought up from NXT. He's going to be well over with the crowd, but I feel like WWE will eventually give up on how they book him.

Thanks everyone for joining us this week on Ask WNW! Have a question that you would like answered? Make sure to leave a question on our Facebook posts and in the comment section down below. See you all next week!

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