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Ask WNW: Utilizing Bryan, WWE Signing Enzo? Favorites To Win The Money In The Bank, Was Big Cass Injured?

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Welcome back everyone to this week’s installment of Ask WNW! 

Has Daniel Bryan been utilized correctly since returning to in-ring action? 

Could have the utilization of Daniel Bryan been better? Sure, however, prior to WrestleMania, WWE didn’t even know Bryan would be cleared to compete. They didn’t have a lot of time to book a long term storyline plan for him. At this point after the program with Big Cass, Bryan will be going into a program with The Miz. By the time of Survivor Series of this year, we will have a better idea on how Daniel Bryan will be utilized or not.

Since Enzo Amore is cleared of all charges, what are the chances of him signing with WWE again after all the fan support? 

I would say that at this time, the chances of Enzo returning to WWE are less than five percent. Enzo has done himself no favors with the wrestling fans and people who have supported him with his new rap. We all have to remember that Enzo was known for a terrible attitude backstage, thinking he was better than everyone else in the locker room, giving himself tremendous amount of heat prior to any allegations that he didn’t inform WWE about.

Who would be your favorites to win this year’s Money In The Bank Matches? 

I think it’s safe to stay that WWE will keep both briefcases on separate brands, meaning one show will have one briefcase, while the other show will have the other. Also look at how long Carmella held onto the briefcase on Smackdown, so it’s safe to say the women’s briefcase this year will be on Raw, while the men’s will be on Smackdown. As for favorites, I have Samoa Joe and Alexa Bliss winning their respective briefcases. These aren’t concrete plans as anything can be changed, but odds looking to it.

What was up with Big Cass being off of television for two weeks? Was he actually injured or what was going on? 

Big Cass was not injured again, as some wrestling news outlets speculated that Cass was once injured one more time. This was played up by WWE to let out faulty information to see who would let out that information. This is a reason why you didn’t hear anything about Cass being injured here on Wrestling News World. Not to discredit any other sites or people, but that’s where the mislead information was given out, causing the miscommunication.

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